WATCH: Robin Thicke & Iggy Azalea Perform Blurred Lines – MTV EMAs 2013

Robin Thicke took to the MTV EMAs 2013 stage with Iggy Azalea, surrounded by sparkly nude women, to sing his hit “Blurred Lines.” Check out Thicke and his “naked” parade of ladies in his sexy performance in the above video, introduced by Red Foo.

For Thicke’s performance, he was surrounded by women who appeared to be nude, in silver bikini bottoms with their bodies painted in metallic silver with their breasts bedazzled. Of course, Thicke sang from his gold microphone and enjoyed his sexy female dancers who were bending over a lot. Halfway through the performance, Iggy Azalea came out to show off her rapping skills.

After “Blurred Lines,” Thicke took to the piano for an awesome performance singing his new single “Feel Good.” Fantastic song …

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