WATCH: Kanye & Kim’s ‘Bound 2′ Side-by-Side Franco & Rogen’s Spoof

James Franco and Seth Rogen Do Kanye West's Bound 2: See it Side by SideJames Franco and Seth Rogen loved Kanye West’s delightfully bizarre “Bound 2″ music video so much, they sweded their own version. Perhaps, “sweded” isn’t the right word… They remade the Nick Knight-directed spectacle shot-by-shot — complete with everything from horses running in slow motion to Franco humping Rogen on a motorcycle — in less than…2013-11-25T19:19:37.000Z

So chances are you’ve already watched the James Franco and Seth Rogen parody of Kanye West’s Bound 2 video already. Stop laughing at your work desk for a few minutes and ask yourself this question — did they really shoot Kanye’s music video on a shot-by-shot basis? Turns out Franco and Rogen actually paid every little attention to detail with their hilarious rendition of KimYe’s excuse for “art.”

Check out the video above to see both videos being put on display in a side-by-side comparison vid. Franco and Rogen definitely got it right. Shout out to for putting together this awesome piece of footage.

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