Backstreet Boys Serenade the Women on ‘The View’

For our “viewing” pleasure today, The Backstreet Boys make hearts melt on The View. The BSB guys came out as soon as the show started, serenading the hosts of The View with their old song “As Long As You Love Me.” Forgetting that band member AJ’s goatee was insanely huge, it was a great opening to the show.

During an interview with the band, they talk about how the three of them lived together for 3 weeks in London to prepare their latest album. Apparently, AJ and Nick are the sloppiest. As for their recent video, the ladies had to talk about the guys going shirtless. Rather than talking about how they wanted to show off their sexy bodies, AJ says he wanted to show off the tattoo of his daughter and Brian discusses his heart surgery. Years ago he had open-heart surgery and this was the first time he was showing his scar to fans.

The guys also talk about the cruise they do with fans and their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Later on in the show, the boys took to the stage to give a performance from their new album.