WATCH: Katy Perry & John Mayer Premiere on Good Morning America

Katy Perry and John Mayer appeared on Good Morning America this morning in their first onscreen interview together as a couple. But, that’s not all they were at GMA for. They also wanted to premiere their new music video.

As Perry and Mayer watched the video with the rest of the GMA crew, Mayer turned to Perry and actually started lip-synching some of the lyrics to her. It was very cute. When the hosts tell Mayer and Perry how natural they looked in the video, Mayer talks about how great it is to work with someone you love … Aw. Then, Mayer states that Perry is a superstar for a reason and Perry talks about Mayer’s gentle touch to everything he does.

Apparently, John Mayer had a chorus “You Love Who You Love” for years and then it came up again, his team suggested Katy do the song with him. Mayer first was extremely against it, but when he thought about it, he realized it was a great fit. The couple has also come up with another new song called “Spiritual.”

After talking about the duet together, a question came in from a fan about their first date, which apparently was just a simple dinner date. The musical couple also brought out a huge basket of popovers they supposedly made together and Perry started to eat one.

Oh, and did we mention that Will Ferrell was on GMA as well?

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