Harry Styles Bans Paparazzi in British Court Case

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Let’s hear it for One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles! He has managed to win a court case against the paparazzi in Britain. According to ABC News, Styles has gotten a court order against some photographers who had been allegedly harassing him:

Styles, 19, sought the court order as a last resort after months of unsuccessfully asking the photographers to stop following him. The court order prevents certain unnamed paparazzi from harassing the singer by car or motorcycle. It also prevents the photographers from monitoring the British singer, placing him under surveillance or loitering within 55 yards of his home, or of taking photos of him in such circumstances.

A second hearing will be held in January, but at least Harry has won this stage of the battle.

Don’t worry if you’re a fan though … Harry’s still more than happy to take photos with you!