Meet the First Black Jetson, ‘Leroy’

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Commenting on the current state of professional basketball, poet laureate Charles Barkely told his NBA on TNT co-hosts: “I’m gonna tell you something, man, ain’t no doubt in my mind, if I played the game today, I’d be going to the game in a spaceship. … Like Leroy, Elroy Jetson.”

The Round Mound of Rebound is of course correct that in the alternate universe in which he still plays in the NBA, players do fly spaceships to their games. But the little boy on the Jetsons was named “Elroy” not “Leroy,” and Barkley’s slip-of-the-tongue tickled Shaq silly.

“Leroy Jetson. Is that the black Jetson?” O’Neal asked, “‘His homeboy Leroy?'”

Shaq requested the graphics guys put Leroy Jetson on a t-shirt, and they promptly provided the above graphic, of an African-American boy of the future.

You can watch the whole spirited clip up top. For a reminder of who the Jetsons were, you can watch the show’s intro below:

VideoVideo related to meet the first black jetson, ‘leroy’2013-12-20T11:32:30-05:00
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