Mama Joyce, Kandi Burruss’ Mom: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Music artist Kandi Burruss has her hands full with her mother on this season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Have a look at the fast facts on Mama Joyce and what’s going on with her this season.

1. Mama Joyce Continues to Attack Kandi’s Future Husband

Todd Tucker has a lot of patience because Kandi’s mother Joyce has been making his life a living hell. She’s even tried to corrupt Kandi’s daughter’s feelings about Todd to turn her against him. But, things are getting nastier and nastier. Check out this highlights clip from last night’s episode, where you’ll see Mama Joyce torture Kandi’s fiance Todd.

2. Bravo Fans Think Mama Joyce Is an Opportunist

Joyce has expressed her distrust for Kandi’s fiance Todd Tucker, calling him an opportunist, but many fans of the Real Housewives of Atlanta feel that Joyce is the one who is using Kandi. A great amount of fans think that Joyce takes advantage of her daughter and puts her down a lot to try to keep control of her. After all, Kandi gave her mother the mansion she owned prior to moving into her new home last season. What a nice daughter, huh?

Do you think Mama Joyce is trying to run off Kandi’s man, so she can continue to take advantage of Kandi?

3. Mama Joyce Gets Physical on RHOA

On next week’s episode of the show, Mama Joyce tries to get physical with one of Kandi’s assistant/friends Carmon. Check out the preview clip above.

If that’s not bad, she starts the fight while Kandi, her daughter, is wedding dress shopping. Mama Joyce thinks that rumors surrounding Kandi’s friend and fiance are true, so she began yelling at the girl that she doesn’t belong dress shopping with her daughter. Then, she gets held back as she tries to physically attack Carmon.

4. Mama Joyce Used to Be Considered a “Cool Mom”

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In previous seasons of the show, Mama Joyce was considered to be cool. She wasn’t starting fights … She was breaking them up as a mediator to the rowdy women on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Now it looks like things have changed.

5. Kandi Is Sticking Up for her Mom

It’s nice to see that Kandi values her relationship with her mother and even went to bat for her after last night’s episode. Check out the blog she wrote as a response to the many disgruntled fans who don’t like the way Mama Joyce is treating her daughter’s man:

Everyone says stand up to your mama and blah, blah, blah, but believe it or not I do speak my mind to my mother. I just don’t say it in some crazy disrespectful way, because she is my mother. So to everyone who is screaming at me through the TV screen to “do something about my mom,” I’m not sure exactly what you expect me to do. I can only say how I feel, and if she doesn’t listen to me, then what? I don’t agree with my friend Carmon on how she said she would handle it if it were her mom. I don’t believe in cutting off your relationship with your mom. So for now I’m just hoping that over time things will work out for the best.

Much love,