Newt Wimer, Paul Walker’s Heroic Friend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Newt Wimer, a 37-year-old stuntman, engineer, inventor and childhood friend of Paul Walker, has been revealed by the Daily Mail as the man pictured in photos after making a heroic attempt to pull the star from the fiery wreck that took his life.

Here’s what we know about Wimer, his relationship with Walker, and his actions on the day of the tragedy.

1. He’s Known Walker for 25 Years

Wimer reportedly met Walker 25 years ago at L.A.’s Village Christian High School, and the two were known to be very close friends.

2. He Burned His Arms Trying to Save His Friend


Wimer is an engineer for Always Evolving, a car-modification company owned by Walker and Roger Rodas, the other man who died in the crash. Wimer, Walker and Rodas were together that day for a charity event, where Rodas and Walker took the deadly drive. His job profile at Always Evolving describes him as a:

Fabricator and Racing Engineer • Reach Out Worldwide Search and Rescue Rigging, Heavy Equipment Operator, & Underwater Operation.

Wimer reportedly rushed to the burning car and seared his arms attempted to save his friends from the burning Porsche GT.

It’s speculated that Wimer is the distraught friend who , according to TMZ, punched a responding fireman:

3. He’s an Accomplished Hollywood Stuntman & Special Effects Technician

Wimer is known throughout Hollywood as an accomplished stuntman and special effects technician. Some of his credits include the Tranformers series, Speed, XXX and, according to one source, one of the Fast and Furious movies.

He was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild award for his stunt work on Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

4. He Invented a ‘Gun’ That Blasts Away Hailstorms & Hosts a Show on the Weather Channel

Wimer, an engineer, owns Newton Systems, a firm that designs and builds machines to affect the weather and protect farms from storms. The gun retails at $50,000 per unit.

His prowess in the weather realm led to a gig hosting the Weather Channel show Weather Proof.

His co-host on Weather Proof, Stephanie Abrams, described him as “Mr. Safety” on the set of the show and that he is the “sweetest, calmest guy.”

Here they are in action:

Weather Proof: Safe Room vs. WindThe Weather Channel's Stephanie Abrams starts out skeptical about just how safe a safe room really is.2010-01-21T20:05:51.000Z

5. As Host, He Demonstrated Escapes From Fires & Car Crashes

As part of the Weather Proof show, Wimer has demonstrated how to save people from burning buildings. In one episode, he escaped from a submerged car.

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