Rebecca Garcia, Maxim Hometown Hotties Winner: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Maxim magazine has crowned its Hometown Hotties winner as Rebecca Garcia. Check out the 5 fast facts on the contest and the sexy woman wearing the crown.

1. Maxim Played a Trick on Garcia Before Revealing Her Win

Garcia revealed to FOX411 how she found out she was the contest winner. Apparently, she thought she was brought to New York to interview puppies for the Puppy Bowl for Animal Planet. She was even studying a script. When she arrived at her NYC location, there were trumpet players and tons of people yelling “surprise.”

2. The Hometown Hotties Contest Is an Annual Event

Once a year, Maxim magazine has a contest where sexy women across the United States can enter for a chance to become a spokesmodel for the magazine.

3. Being in Maxim Has Always Been a Dream for Garcia

FOX News quotes Garcia talking about how she’s always wanted to be in Maxim.

Ever since I was a little girl I would pick up Maxim Magazine, and I always thought they were the most beautiful women in the world so I always wanted to be one of them. And, thankfully Maxim had this competition it gave me the opportunity and I decided to go for it.

Dream or not, Garcia has passions aside from Maxim … like she could kick your butt in Call of Duty MF3 and she loves to quote Anchorman.

4. Editor Dan Bova Explains Why Garcia Was Named the Winner

Bova talks about the reasons behind choosing Rebecca Garcia as the magazine’s Hometown Hotties Queen, stating:

She is the sweetest person on Earth you will ever talk to, and her personality just came out in her videos. And not only is she beautiful and someone you want to hang out with, grab a beer with, she just seemed really cool.

5. Garcia Is in For a Crazy Year

She’ll be at the Super Bowl. She’ll be at our Hot 100 party. She’ll appear in the magazine and on the website through shoots. She’ll be traveling the world speaking the gospel of Maxim to the masses.

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