WATCH: John Goodman, Sly Stallone & De Niro in Three Wise Guys on SNL

Check out the Three Wise Guys Robert De Niro, Sylvester Stallone, and John Goodman riding along on their camels, gossiping about Jesus Christ in this SNL holiday skit.

Now have a look at the best quotes from the Three Wise Guys below:

Stallone: Look at us. We got all dolled up, put on these stupid turbans … I mean, who is this kid anyway, Jesus? I mean, Latino?
Goodman: Do we even know his last name, this Jesus?
De Niro: Christ I don’t know.

Stallone: Ya know what? I hear his father’s in construction.
De Niro: I do a little a this, a little a that, uh, don’t worry ’bout it.
Goodman: Hey, what kind of camel you guys got? You got one hump or two?
De Niro: Me? I got one. I’m a one hump guy. I like a good, solid hump.
Stallone: I make my camel wear shoes.
Goodman: Why do you make your camel wear shoes?
Stallone: So when I look down, I don’t see any camel toe.

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