WATCH: John Goodman, Sly Stallone & De Niro in Three Wise Guys on SNL

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Check out the Three Wise Guys Robert De Niro, Sylvester Stallone, and John Goodman riding along on their camels, gossiping about Jesus Christ in this SNL holiday skit.

Now have a look at the best quotes from the Three Wise Guys below:

Stallone: Look at us. We got all dolled up, put on these stupid turbans … I mean, who is this kid anyway, Jesus? I mean, Latino?
Goodman: Do we even know his last name, this Jesus?
De Niro: Christ I don’t know.

Stallone: Ya know what? I hear his father’s in construction.

De Niro: I do a little a this, a little a that, uh, don’t worry ’bout it.

Goodman: Hey, what kind of camel you guys got? You got one hump or two?
De Niro: Me? I got one. I’m a one hump guy. I like a good, solid hump.

Stallone: I make my camel wear shoes.
Goodman: Why do you make your camel wear shoes?
Stallone: So when I look down, I don’t see any camel toe.

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