Top 10 Worst Tweets Defending Phil Robertson


People are outraged this week after a GQ interview allowed the Duck Dynasty patriarch, 67-year-old Phil Robertson, to speak off-the-cuff about homosexuality and race. The controversial comments he made, as well as his self-described “Bible thumping,” have both viewers and the network scrambling to distance themselves from the controversial woodsman.

Meantime, many on twitter have decided to defended Phil Robertson. Here are the 10 Worst Tweets defending Phil.

10. Those fascists over at A&E exercising their right to fire someone!

9. Hey if you’re a rich, God-lover, you can’t really do anything wrong!

8. Guy shilling his cups says anyone can do anything, as long as it’s a ‘personal belief!’

7. Um, I’m not sure this girl got the full memo.

6. Miley Cyrus showed off her body and that’s bad, but Phil merely said 10% of the population is going to suffer eternal torture for their sexuality.

5. It wasn’t taxation without representation our nation was founded on, it was hating people that are different!

4. The professional bumper sticker writer has spoken!

3. You can believe anything and say anything, as long as someone asks you first

2. Because obviously supporting equal rights is the exact same thing as destroying Christianity


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