Will & Grace’s Debra Messing & Eric McCormack Reunite on Rachel Ray

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Rachel Ray hosted a mini Will & Grace reunion today on her show. Starting things off right, Eric McCormack and Debra Messing enter the set doing a little dancing together. Finishing off the intro, Rachel Ray has Eric McCormack shove a dollar down his pants, giving him a stripper moment.

The two begin to reminisce about their Will & Grace days, talking about how they watch the show and laugh all the time. Messing admits that for a while it was difficult to watch the show because she missed it so much. McCormack thinks back to how the show got cast, talking about the natural chemistry that he had with Debra Messing. Messing thinks they all just “got each other.”

When it comes to favorite episodes, Messings favorites wer when her water bra leaks at the art gallery and when they had flash back episodes. McCormack liked all the episodes where Will & Grace got to be serious, showing the true sides of the characters.

As far as announcements, Messing is starting rehearsals for her first Broadway play “Outside Mullingar.” McCormack just had his first one-man show “The Concert I Never Gave.” Messing tried to get McCormack to perform but he shied away from that one.

After a short break, Rachel Ray and her husband took on “Will & Grace” in a round of “Kitchen-ary.” Previously, Messing was on the show and lost Kitchen-ary … She was not happy about the loss.

Ray started off the game drawing “American Pie” for her husband, who claims to have never played the game before. He actually got it right after just a few seconds. Next up was Eric McCormack drawing “Selling Like Hot Cakes.” Messing cracks under the pressure and screams as McCormack struggles at the drawing board way past the time limit. Soon it just becomes a joke of drawing random things, making weird faces, giving odd guesses, and laughing. Finally, McCormack just gives Messing the answer, to which she replies with showing McCormack what he should have drawn. It’s pretty funny.

Next up is Ray’s hubby with “Spill the Beans.” Just before the bell goes off, Ray gets the answer. Messing does not look happy … First she picks a number that she refuses to do, so she picks another. Very frustrated at the drawing board, Messing makes it happen. McCormack guesses correctly with “Fried Green Tomatoes” after the buzzer has gone off. Though they lost horribly, the two stars win giant gold trophies that have gold-painted kitchen utensils in them.

Previously Messing and McCormack reunited on the Today Show this past fall.

Now, I know what you’re thinking … What’s Will & Grace without Jack and Karen? Don’t you worry because, those crazy two will be having their own reunion in February on Jack’s (Sean Hayes’) show Sean Saves The World.

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