Batista Returns to WWE: The Top 10 Dream Matches We Want to See


“The Animal” Batista recently stormed back into the WWE and made his intentions known – he’s here to get his hands on the coveted WWE World Heavyweight Championship. To be quite honest with you all, we’ve seen Batista face off with Randy Orton countless times. We’re not very excited to see these two former Evolution members face off for the umpteenth time. We’d love to Batista head into battle with some fresh faces who he’s never faced before.

These are the top 10 dream matches we want to Batista compete in while he’s back with the WWE.

10. Mason Ryan

Mason Ryan

Wrestling fans have heard the hilarious comparisons between Batista and his most-known clone Mason Ryan. They’ve also seen all the memes floating around, too. You know what? We actually want to see Batista actually get into a “Battle of the Lookalike Animals” with Mason Ryan. Mason’s been down in NXT and he seems to be improving a bit, so he may come back to the WWE’s main stage with an improved moveset and even more physical attributes. A rejuvenated Mason Ryan vs. a returning Batista would make for an interesting encounter, we’d say.

9. Tensai


Tensai went from an intimidating Japanese-American transplant to a fun-loving, dancing buffoon pretty quickly. The man has had one too many character changes during his overall wrestling career. We still love the big guy, since he’s still quite capable of putting on a good match against smaller opponents or wrestlers of equal size/stature. Batista needs a good test to start out with if he’s looking to dominate the WWE once again. A fired-up, more serious Tensai could make for a great encounter with Batista. Tensai just needs to ditch the dancing and get back to doling out some Baldo Bomb’s if he wants to have a chance against “The Animal.”

8. Jack Swagger

Jack Swagger

WE THE PEOPLE…would love to see Jack Swagger test his amateur wrestling acumen against Batista. Swagger’s been tagging with Antonio Cesaro lately, but Swagger could improve his standing in the WWE a bit if he provided a good showing with ‘Tista. Both men have access to powerbomb finishers, but Swagger has a few more lethal suplexes and submissions holds in his arsenal. It would be interesting to see if Batista could fend the grappling mechanics mastery that Swagger holds.

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7. Ryback


Ryback in undeniably crazy. But is he crazy enough to challenge Batista? OF COURSE! Ryback is the quintessential “big, unstoppable brute who’s a little mental” wrestler we get every few years. His moveset is all power and plenty of destruction. Sounds like the perfect type of moveset that could match Batista’s. These behemoths know how clothesline grown men out of their boots, but how would each one fare in a clothesline contest against the other? We’d love to see this match play out.

6. Luke Harper

Luke Harper

Sooner or later, Batista’s going to come across the weird hillbilly trifecta known as The Wyatt Family. The one member who we think could give Batista a run for his money is Luke Harper. Luke’s big boot, discus clothesline and sitdown powerbomb in the stuff of legend. Plus, the big man has some hidden cruiserweight abilities that Brodie Lee fans know he’s capable of pulling out at a moment’s notice. Batista is powerful enough to lift this cult follower up for a Batista Bomb, but we’re sure Luke won’t make this an easy match to win.

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