Batista Returns to WWE: The Top 10 Dream Matches We Want to See

5. Antonio Cesaro

Antonio Cesaro

Antonio’s feats of strength are amazing to watch. He pulled off his giant swing on pretty hefty individuals, such as Brodus Clay and The Great Khali. His match ending European Uppercuts and his slew of other debilitating moves are hard to get up from. Antonio needs to test his major strength against Batista, we say. Batista would have a lot to be wary of, since Antonio is capable of surprising the big men he’s lifted before. We know this fantasy match would be quite a treat to see go down.

4. Sheamus


How come this match never went down when both men were on the active WWE roster way back when? Sure, they tagged together and all that. But we’re more interested in seeing “The Celtic Warrior” and “The Animal” butt heads in the ring. Sheamus has surprised fans plenty of times with his skills in the ring against opponents such as Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler. It’s time for him to trow his entire moveset and the kitchen sink against Batista in a drag-out- big man brawl. Sheamus vs. Batista is a sleeper hit match in the making.

3. Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is the breakout powerhouse member of The Shield. He’s been tearing the competition apart with vicious Spears, Superman Punches and even more deadly moves. But can he pull off all those destructive maneuvers against a man that’s just as big as him? Batista also pulls off a pretty lethal Spear, too. And his Powerslam’s and Spinebuster’s may surprise Roman Reigns and finally end his reign of terror. Man, the thought of these two beasts going at it is really exciting.

2. Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar

Paul Heyman needs to sign his man beast up for a Wrestlemania contest against Batista. These two men have always been around each other while the other has been on a different WWE brand. Now we have MMA Lesnar and a returning Batista, so the possibilities for these two men in a match are endless. Lesnar has had some great matches with John Cena and CM Punk, so we know he could have an awesome match against Batista. This just can’t be a normal match, it has to a No Holds Barred contest. It’s only right that this fantasy match up goes down in the most violent way possible.

1. The Rock

The Rock

We’d like to christen this fantasy match up as “The Hollywood Throwdown.” Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock came back wit ha much more bulked up physique. Batista’s done the Hollywood thing and so has Rocky. We think it would pretty cool to see both men enter the ring and pull off a clash of the movie stars. Either man could end the match with their respective Spinebuster or their lethal finishers. The Rock has some more agility behind him, but Batista’s power could put an end to all that speed Rocky’s famous for. This one could be eclipse Cena vs. Rocky if it’s done right.

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