Playmate Cassandra Lynn Hensley Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Playmate Cassandra Lynn Hensley has been found dead. Hensley considered herself an adventurous girl who loved to travel, scuba dive, and snow board. So, how did such a wonderful spirit end up dying way before her time? Read on for the news on Hensley and the details surrounding her death.

1. Cassandra Was Found Dead on Wednesday

Yesterday, Cassandra Lynn Hensley, 34, was found dead in her friend’s home. This is a sad end for a small town girl who found her way to Hollywood. Hollywood Life cites her Model Mayhem profile, which told her story:

I was born in a small town in Utah. I enjoyed growing up there because I was brought up with small town values and it made me the person that I am today. I always had big dreams and knew Utah was not for me. At the age of 18, I packed my bags and moved to California to pursue my dreams of modeling.

In her profile, she continues to describe herself:

I am a honest, fun, loving person who loves to meet new people. I am a true Leo. I love to love and be loved. My friends call me butterfly because of my Butterfly spirit.

2. Her Friend Found Her in the Bath Tub

According to TMZ, the friend who found Cassandra has not been named. Unfortunately, she found Cassandra lifeless in the bath tub and then called the police. The medics who arrived at the scene could not revive her.

TMZ has updated their original information, saying:

Playboy playmate Cassandra Lynn had indulged in large amounts of cocaine and booze before she was found dead in a bathtub.

TMZ then gives the play-by-play:

According to our sources … the photog told law enforcement they had sex and did large amounts of coke and guzzled lots of champagne. Their party ended at around 11 PM. We’re told at some point early the next morning the photog woke up, went to the bathroom and saw water running onto the floor. He then discovered Cassandra in the bathtub, pulled her out and attempted in vain to resuscitate her.

3. An Overdose Is Suspected

Currently, Cassandra’s death is under investigation as a suspected overdose. Foul play has been ruled out.

TabRag spoke with playmate Tina Jordan about Cassandra’s death who had some kind words to share:

Cassandra Lynn was very dear friend of mine. Our daughters used to play together and carve pumpkins together. She was a great mom and I knew she was trying to do her best. I could always tell something was bothering her inside and not quite sure if I could ever pinpoint what it was. But there are times when I felt she was hurting inside…

She continued:

When she moved and got married, I actually thought maybe she found happiness and peace. Gregg treated her amazing & their kids. I am so Saddened by this. She was fun to be around. You could never have a boring or normal time. She was always up to something. She will be deeply missed. I hope and And pray that she’s now at peace and her Family knows that she was very loved.

Playmate Shauna Sand had some words for Cassandra’s loved ones:

Drugs and alcohol have destroyed the lives of so many people I have loved. They are evil and the root of such heartbreak! My love goes out to Cassandra’s family.

4. You May Know Her as Miss February 2006

You may remember Hensley if you’re a Playboy fan. She was Miss February 2006 and was very proud of her title. Us Weekly reported:

After placing in the Top 20 in a Hawaiian Tropic contest, she tried out for Playboy.

Cassandra’s Playboy profile gave details on how she felt about being the centerfold for the magazine in February 2006:

Cassandra is a hopeless romantic – she loves dinner, flowers and cards – and she thinks that February is perfect month for her Centerfold. “I love Valentine’s Day,” she says. “And candy. Especially conversation hearts.”

5. Her Horoscope For Yesterday and Today Is a Bit Creepy

TMZ’s report made us aware that Cassandra’s Twitter account is updated on a daily basis with her horoscope. Have a look at what her recent outlook was:

Unspoken obligations prevent you from doing what you wish today, but your guilt may drive your inaction more than any real responsibilities. No matter what you do now, you might not feel completely fulfilled. Working harder isn’t the answer, but neither is escape. Do what is required, but don’t take on additional tasks for the wrong reasons. Ultimately, satisfaction will be yours as long as you direct your energy toward obtaining tangible results.

Could this somehow been a subtle foreshadowing of events?


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