Heidi Klum Splits With Bodyguard Boyfriend Martin Kristen

After dating for over a year, Heidi Klum and her boyfriend are calling it quits.

Klum started dating Martin Kristen after her January 2012 separation from singer Seal. Heidi filed for divorce in April.

Seal famously told TMZ his thoughts on the relationship:

I didn’t expect any better from [the bodyguard] … but I would’ve thought Heidi would [have] shown a bit more class … before deciding to fornicate with the help, as it were.

After that statement caused much drama, Seal had his rep tell People:

Seal would like to clarify that he was not implying his wife was cheating on him while they were together. But rather he was pointing out that they are separated and the divorce is not final so they are legally still married.

Klum recently posted a photo on Twitter, possibly hinting at the fact that she’s newly single:

According to Us Weekly, Klum confirmed her relationship on Katie Couric’s talk show in September of 2012:

He’s been with our family for the last four years … He’s cared for our entire family, mostly for our four children, helped us tremendously. I trust him with my children’s life. He’s a great man … and we just got to know each other from a completely different side.

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