‘A Dentist’s Wet Dream’ … Jason Biggs Tweets Insults During ‘Bachelor’ Premiere

Jason Biggs is not getting a rose from ABC anytime soon. For some reason, the actor decided to tweet rather unfavorable comments throughout The Bachelor last night.

During the season premiere, he posted seven nasty thoughts about the contestants, who, according to his standards, were not up to par.

Jason Biggs Bachelor, Jason Biggs twitter, Jason Biggs


He made it very clear that, in his opinion, new Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis got a bad batch of women to choose from.

The Bachelor, Juan Pablo, Jason Biggs, Jason Biggs Twitter, Jason Biggs Bachelor


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Jason Biggs Bachelor, Jason Biggs Juan Pablo, Jason Biggs Twitter


Unfortunately for him, some did not care to hear his scathing review of the ladies and expressed their disdain on Twitter. Biggs retweeted some of the comments.

The Bachelor, Jason Biggs, Jason Biggs The Bachelor, Jason Biggs Twitter


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