Josh Radnor, Marisa Tomei’s New Boyfriend? 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Has Josh Radnor finally met the real-life mother of his future children? The How I Met Your Mother star is dating the forever-young-looking Marisa Tomei. Although they were first out in public in April of 2013, rumors started up again after the two were spotted looking like they rolled out of bed the other morning.

Here is all you need to know about the actor/director who has made quite a name for himself in Hollywood.

1. He’s 10 Years Younger Than Marisa

He is 39, while the My Cousin Vinny star is 49. Ironically enough, in 2002, Radnor made his Broadway debut in The Graduate, sharing the stage with a naked Kathleen Turner.

It does seem that Marisa has a penchant for younger men. Last year there were rumors that she was engaged to actor Logan Marshall-Green, who was 12 years younger. But a rep for the actress was quick to dispel the rumor.

She first stepped out with Josh in public in April of 2013 at the Bloomberg and Vanity Fair cocktail reception in Washington.

2. He’s Best Known for His Role as Ted on ‘How I Met Your Mother’

How I Met Your Mother, Jason Segel, Marisa Tomei dating, Marisa Tomei, Josh Radnor Marisa Tomei

From left, Jason Segel, Cobie Smulders, Radnor, Alyson Hannigan and Neil Patrick Harris (Getty)

Radnor plays Ted Mosby, the lovelorn man upon which the entire sitcom is based. His character lives New York City, desperately trying to find a wife, aka the mother of his children.
In an interview with The Lantern, he admits that he is not like his character, although fans always think they are one in the same:

The Ted thing is funny, because it’s not me. I don’t tell people I love them on the first date. I don’t wear red cowboy boots. I’m not an architect. My life is so different than his.

Radnor is preparing for the nine-season show to end in March.

Marisa’s career also took off because of a role on a sitcom. In A Different World, she played Lisa Bonet’s college roommate.

3. He is ‘Uncomfortable’ When There Are No Women Around

Josh Radnor Marisa Tomei, Josh Radnor dating, Marisa Tomei boyfriend, Marisa Tomei dating, How I Met Your Mother

Lindsay Price and Radnor(Getty)

The frequently bearded actor told Collider that he has a special connection to the female species:

I feel comfortable with women. I have two sisters, so I grew up in a female-dominated environment. I was never in a fraternity, or anything. I always got uncomfortable when there were no women around.

Josh met actress Lindsay Price on the set of How I Met Your Mother in 2007. They started dating in August of the following year. He also dated Julia Jones, who plays a werewolf in the Twilight movie saga, for a little over a year when she was 32 and Radnor was 38.

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Julia Jones and Radnor (Getty)

4. He’s Also a Director

Josh Radnor, Tomei dating, Marisa Tomei dating, Marisa Tomei boyfriend, How I Met Your Mother

From left, cast of HappyThankYouMorePlease
Director Radnor and actors Michael Algieri, Kate Mara, Tony Hale, Pablo Schreiber and Malin Akerman. (Getty)

The actor also dabbles in directing. In fact, he already has two movies, Liberal Arts and Happythankyoumoreplease, which he both starred in and directed.

He told Collider that he learned the craft from hours of hard work.

I think there’s no greater film school than making a film. And having made two films, you get your 10,000 hours. I don’t know how much 10,000 hours is, but if you include everything from the writing of it to the casting of it to the shooting of it to the editing and all the post, then that’s a lot.

5. He’s A Nice Jewish Boy

Josh Radnor, Maria Tomei, Marisa Tomei dating, Marisa Tomei boyfriend, How I Met Your Mother

From left, Radnor, father Alan Radnor, and sisters Melanie Silverman and Joanna Vilensky. (Getty)

He grew up in Ohio in a religious family, who were very active in their synagogue. Both he and his two sisters attended Orthodox Hebrew day school. In fact, he went to Israel during college, and it was there that he decided to pursue acting:

I got this hankering to go back to Israel so I went for 9 weeks by myself. That time in Israel was really powerful for me. It actually threw me into a state of questioning whether I wanted to be an actor or not. And I came out the other end feeling like I really should be an actor and that it was okay to do this.

Besides having a strong family, Radnor credits his Midwestern upbringing for his sweet personality:

I love being from the Midwest — and I think that’s shaped my perspective in that I care about being friendly and open and I value that. I don’t think that being cool or aloof is cool. I think that it’s nicer to be nice. That’s like pure Midwest to me.