EXCLUSIVE: Interview With ‘Neighbors’ Stars Seth Rogen & Zac Efron

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HEAVY: Seth, it seems you’re playing against someone who is a character you could have played 10 or 12 years ago.

Seth: Part of what makes this movie funny is Zac’s character recognizes he might be me in 10 years. It’s also about not wanting to grow up and accepting that you’re on the verge of that, or its happening. It feels appropriate.

Zac: There is a scene where we’re talking on the couch about how he seems to be doing it all, and doing everything right. Whatever this stage is, he’s doing it correctly. I’m feeling pretty good right now. I sort of hit my peak you know? It sort of makes me afraid … when you start one-upping the fraternity. I have this quick crazy vendetta where literally we almost kill each other. [laughs]

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Seth: But, it’s true because I’m ruining his perfect moment.

Zac: Like, this is mine, this is my moment.

Seth: This is his moment in his life where there are no repercussions, really at all, because I’m kind of jealous and resentful. I try to destroy that.

HEAVY: Has your character had that moment?

Seth: My character had his moment years ago. My character is married, has a baby, a new house and responsibility. My character is grappling and in denial over the fact that he can’t do all the fun shit that Zac does on a regular basis. It starts out that we might be friends and get along really well because my instinct are like, “Oh, I can do this!” And his instinct is “Oh, that guy seems cool!” We both realize, “Oh, this just can’t work.” We can’t co-exist.

Zac: It starts out that Seth’s character is the coolest guy I’ve ever met that’s his age, and then he just becomes immortal.

HEAVY: When did you guys know that you had chemistry?

Seth: We met each other for the first time a few years ago. When we did the first table read, we knew we would get along in a way much greater than we expected. The first time we read the script out loud, one of the overwhelming responses we got from our friends who are writers, was it was clear and seems like you guys would get along. And that was a beat that we extended. It was kind of like our honeymoon period. Me partying with them, and me thinking he’s cool, and him thinking I’m cool, and us enjoying each other before we realize that it’s just like an explosive situation. Even beyond that we maintained this … like it could have gone well, but it didn’t. In another reality we would have been best friends maybe, but we just are not at that right time in our lives.

Zac: It’s what makes the movie more interesting, watching two people that are so similar, but keep going back and forth.

Seth: The first time when we read it out loud and it seemed liked we would like each other. It didn’t seem like we would hate each other, at least not right away.

Zac: It’s exciting because in the first draft it was like an anti-semite? It was horrible.

HEAVY: This being your first time working together, what will you both take away from this when you’re done working with each other? Can you see yourselves working together again?

Seth: Yeah!

Zac: Dude, absolutely. Seth’s going to be a killer director. Well, he is a killer director. It’s amazing … the team of friends that he’s built up. The first thing he said to me on set was, “Do you stay or do you go home?” I said, “Why would I want to go home? All of my friends are here.” I was like, “That is how I want to make movies.” I’ve been totally solo and it’s always sort of been me against everyone. I feel like I’m a part of a family. It’s really nice.

HEAVY: Will you be doing more roles like this, playing in more comedies?

Zac: I may never work again after this! I sure as hell hope so. I f*cking love you, dog …

Neighbors is set for a release date of May 9, 2014.

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