‘Neighbors’ Movie: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

6. Christopher Mintz-Plasse Almost Ditched the Movie to Make an Album

neighbors movie dave franco christopher mintz-plasse

Christopher Mintz-Plasse was on the fence about joining the cast of Neighbors when he got the call from Evan Goldberg. At the time, he thought he was going to record an album with his band called the Young Rapscallions.

In an interview with Heavy.com, Mintz-Plasse said, “Evan hit me up to do it, and then I was on the fence, because I was going to maybe record an album with my band.” He found out Dave Franco was going to be in the movie and was his response was, “Nooooooo! I’m recording my album. F*ck you!” Mintz-Plasse said, “Dave Franco was really the defining factor.”

7. Seth Rogen Said Rose Byrne Made the Perfect Mate

neighbors movie seth rogen rose byrne

In an interview with Heavy.com, Seth Rogen mentioned that he couldn’t imagine doing this with anyone else, as Rose Byrne is funny and made it seem like she really liked him.

“She’s the best. I honestly couldn’t imagine doing this with anyone else. She’s so funny, and so game, and so good. Perhaps her greatest acting ability is that she makes it seem like she really likes me. We seem like a real married couple. Even when I watch it, I’m like, ‘We look like a real married couple!’ It’s crazy.”

8. Seth Rogen Thinks ‘Neighbors’ is Both Mature and Immature

neighbors movie seth rogen

Seth Rogen is happy about Neighbors being “adult,” while still being just as immature as his other movies. When asked how he thinks his fans will react to Neighbors, Rogen told Heavy.com, “I think they will really like it. It’s super funny. One of the things I’m very happy about with is that it’s about something adult while it’s the same type of movie we’ve been making. It’s just as immature as all our other movies, even though it’s about something that’s a little bit more mature. The stuff we’ve been doing is crazy and outrageous, and just as funny to me as anything I’ve ever participated with on a movie. And again, what makes it even funnier is that there is a baby around, and it’s about people our age. It just seems like it’s so offset by the frat as it’s a big part of the movie.”

9. Zac Efron Always Wanted to Be in an R-Rated Comedy

neighbors movie zac efron

Zac Efron joked around, saying he only signed on to do Neighbors because he knew he would get to “touch Seth Rogen’s bare chest.” But in all seriousness, Zac was looking for the right opportunity to be a part of an R comedy. It was just a matter of finding the right one.

As Zac described in an interview with Heavy.com, “I knew I’d get to touch Seth’s bare chest. I was always excited about the prospect of being in a R comedy and potentially finding the right one, but it just never came. I didn’t want to [act in a comedy with] with anyone but Seth, you know? In a perfect world I thought I would be able to work with him. He’s always been in comedies that I really relate to and agree with, and it makes sense to me.”

10. Neighbors is a ‘Hard’ R-Movie

In an interview with Heavy.com, Dave Franco, who also stars in Neighbors, seemed to be pretty happy about being able to have the freedom to say whatever he wants since Neighbors is rated R. Dave Franco explained, “It felt great to have the freedom and say whatever we want, literally. At the same time, after we finish a scene, I look back and asked, ‘Did I say f*ck too many times?’ You can get really weird and dark with it. This movie is ‘hard’ R.”

Christopher Mintz-Plasse agreed saying, “There are so many drugs in this movie. There is a boner rig you wear… [looking at Dave]. Every day it just gets crazier and crazier, because it’s an R movie you’re allowed to do that kind of stuff.”

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