‘Teen Mom 2′ Recap: Season 5 Premiere’s Top 10 Highlights

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Tonight was the Season 5 premiere of Teen Mom 2, and MTV brought us even more drama, more intensity, and more excitement than ever. Check out the Top 10 Highlights from tonight’s episode below:

1. Jenelle Evans Gets an Abortion

Here’s the run-down on Jenelle … After using heroine with Keefer, she got into even more trouble and broke up with him. She then moved onto someone new and the two of them ended up getting married after three months of dating. Then one night, after a domestic squabble, drugs were found in Jenelle’s car. Both Courtland and Jenelle were sent to jail, but Jenelle was released. Now Jenelle is back at home with her mother Barbara and her son Jace, but she’s discovered she’s pregnant.

Fortunately, her mother told her she will support her in whatever decision she makes. Because Jenelle feels it would be selfish to Jace and she doesn’t have any financial stability, so she decides to get an abortion.

2. Leah and Jeremy Had a Baby

Adalynn is the new baby in Leah and Jeremy’s life. Ex-husband Corey has moved on as well. Fortunately, they’ve figured out what disease Leah’s daughter Ali has – muscular dystrophy. Though it will get worse as her daughter gets older, Leah is determined to help her get as independent as she can so that she can live as normal of a life as possible.

The update on Ali’s condition is that, unfortunately, she has ended up in a wheelchair, according to Sulia.com.

3. Chelsea and Adam Barely Speak

Ex-boyfriend Adam was just released from jail and is now dating a girl who is pregnant. Chelsea, sits down with her father and talks all about how it sucks that Chelsea’s daughter will have to be associated with Adam’s new illegitimate child.

4. Kailyn Is Four Months Pregnant

Things start off by showing Kailyn getting ready for her baby shower after a quick update on her relationship with her son Isaac’s father Joe. Kailyn and husband Javi have not been able to move out of state to Delaware because Kailyn and Joe have not come to an agreement on custody yet.

Unlike most baby showers, Kailyn’s was filled with both boys and girls, as well as children. Sweetly, her hubby Javi made a speech to voice his feelings for Kailyn to all their friends and family. Very cute …

5. Corey Gets Married

Corey drops in to chat with Leah about his upcoming wedding. It was a small affair, pretty casual, and Leah seemed to actually be very happy for Corey. And of course Corey seems content …

After Corey and Leah chat, Corey gets married to a beautiful blonde and, of course, his daughters were there to celebrate.

6. Miranda Is Introduced

Miranda is Corey’s new wife and she’s a knockout. She seems sweet and loves Corey’s kids … The two seem to make an amazing couple.

7. Adam Decides He Wants to Fight for Daughter Aubrey

Adam and Chelsea meet at a restaurant to discuss their daughter Aubrey and the relationship she’ll have with Adam’s new baby that’s on the way. All of a sudden, Adam wants to fight for more parental rights. Finally, Chelsea has grown immune to Adam’s antics and tells him he’s delusional if he thinks a judge will award him anything after being in jail so many times. She thinks he’s doing it just for show, which he has done in the past. Way to go, Chelsea!

Even Chelsea’s dad is voicing his pride about Chelsea’s new backbone. Check out the tweet he posted in support of his daughter below:

8. Jenelle’s Little Boy Jace Cannot Stop Cursing

While bunking with Jenelle and her mother in a hotel room, Jace cannot stop using the f-word over and over. This leads to a small fight between Jenelle and Barbara. Apparently, Jenelle drops the f-bomb too much, though Barbara is big on the b-word … Are we really surprised?

Though Jenelle and her mother were fighting as always, the two seem to be getting along a lot better and not screaming at each other nearly as much. Jenelle even posted the below tweet about her mother while watching tonight’s episode:

9. Chelsea’s Friend Megan Is Back In The Picture

Remember Chelsea’s first roommate Megan who got fed up with Chelsea’s ex Adam and then moved out. Well, years later, Chelsea and Megan appear to be back at BFF status.

10. Previews For The Upcoming Episodes Are Shown

It already looks like season 5 is going to be the most intense season yet. Adam has his baby, Ali gets put in a wheelchair, and Kailyn struggles with custody. But, it’s Jenelle who takes the cake … She meets a guy online, gets thrown in jail, has a dysfunctional relationship, her boyfriend blames her mother Barbara for Jenelle’s drug problem, and Jenelle gets pregnant again!

Stay tuned!

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