The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Check Out The Two New International Posters

Amazing Spider Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is webbing its way into theaters this year come May 2.

We’re sure you’ve seen the teaser trailers, viewed the main trailer with all the cool action shots, the gallery full of on-set and in-film photos and read all the rumors on what this film will be setting up. International followers of this upcoming Spidey film have two epic looking photos to look forward to staring at for an uncomfortably long time.

Check out the first poster below (via @movie_maniac_, which showcases Electro:

Amazing Spider Man 2

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And here’s the second international poster (via Digital Spy), which shows Spider-Man’s viewpoint as he’s staring at his new electrified nemesis:

Amazing Spider Man 2

UPDATE: A third international movie poster has been released:

Amazing Spider Man 2

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