Bachelor Contestant Victoria Lima Gets Eliminated For Being Wasted

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Victoria Lima had a little too much fun on The Bachelor tonight … Well, I don’t know if I would call getting wasted, crying on the bathroom floor, and telling Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis to die fun exactly, but … Whatever the case, Lima gets beyond drunk, throws a temper tantrum, and gets her butt sent home this week. And, Juan Pablo doesn’t even wait for the rose ceremony to send her home … Hey, if someone was belligerently screaming about you saying they hope you die, you wouldn’t waste any time getting rid of them either …

So, here’s how it all went down … For the end of the group date, all the girls headed to a rooftop pool for a little cocktail party with Juan Pablo. Then, Victoria has a few too many. Nikki tries to help her out and tell her to “tone it down”, but she doesn’t really want to hear it.

In a drunk chat with the cameras, Victoria calls JP her boyfriend and talks about how she just wants to straddle him every day. Then, she staggers in on Nikki’s one-on-one date with Juan Pablo, but drunkenly turns and walks away in her wet bikini. Seeing JP with Nikki enrages her. She takes off for the bathroom and begins hysterically crying.

Renee crawls into the bathroom and tries to comfort her, but Victoria’s uncontrollable. She screams that she doesn’t “give a fuck” and says that she’s done with the show.

Production tries to calm her down, but it’s not easy negotiating with a drunk person. And with that, Victoria runs back to the bathroom and locks the stall door. Lucy alerts Juan Pablo of Victoria’s meltdown and he tries to talk to her, but she refuses to let him in the bathroom with her.

Eventually, Juan Pablo leaves for the night and requests that the rest of the ladies take care of Victoria.

Flash forward to the next morning. Victoria was taken to a hotel by production, away from everyone, who retreated back to the mansion. Juan Pablo visits Victoria at the hotel, where Victoria apologizes to Juan Pablo. Victoria’s explanation is that everything makes her very upset and she’s very passionate. She says she didn’t want JP to see her cry, which is why she ran to the bathroom and why she wouldn’t let him in to see her. Even so, she takes full responsibility and says it’s no one’s fault but hers.

Despite her many apologies, Juan Pablo basically says he’s too old and has a child, so he can’t be around that kind of behavior. And so, he cut the cord even before the rose ceremony.

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