Scooter Braun’s Fiancee Yael Cohen: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Hollywood manager Scooter Braun has apparently popped the question to his beautiful girlfriend Yael Cohen. But, Cohen isn’t just another pretty face. She has a lot going on for herself as well as for others. Read on for the facts on the engagement and to hear all about Cohen.

1. Yesterday Yael Posted a Big “Yes” on Instagram

Though the couple has not officially made a statement about their alleged engagement, the two have been blowing up social media outlets with clues. From Twitter to Instagram, Yael and Scooter are posting photos and captions that definitely lead everyone to believe that Scooter popped the question. And, by the looks of Yael’s Instagram photo, she said “yes”.

2. Yael and Scooter Pose for a Photo Dressed in All White

With the above photo’s caption reading, “She was the most beautiful New Years date. @yael #newyears,” Scooter Braun looks completely in love with Yael. And, the couple is dressed in all white … Could this be hinting at a white wedding in their future? Whatever the case, clients of Scooter are already congratulating the couple. Carly Rae Jepsen posted the below tweet in celebration of Yael and Scooter’s engagement.

3. Cohen Is Also Known as the Chief Cancer Fucker

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As Founder, CEO, and CCF (Chief Cancer Fucker) of the charity “Fuck Cancer,” Cohen helps lead the fight against cancer. In the “About” section of the site, it reads:

We’re on a mission to save lives by spreading one simple message: 90% OF CANCER IS CURABLE IN STAGE ONE! We are a generation with incredible technology at our disposal. Let’s use it to educate through storytelling to change the way people think, talk and act about cancer.

Cohen’s personal website further describes the charity as:

a cancer education organization aiming to activate Gen-Y to engage with their parents about early detection, preventative lifestyles and communication around cancer.

In addition to Cohen, there are many members of the “Fuck Cancer” team, including actress Sophia Bush.

You can check out the charity’s website at

4. A Cancer Diagnosis Close to Home Fueled Cohen’s Urge to Fight the Disease in a Big Way

“FCancer” was launched in 2009 after Cohen’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Cohen was determined to help her mother fight the disease, but that wasn’t enough for Cohen. According to her website:

Yael decided to use the “F” word to fight the “C” word.

5. Cohen Has Received Many Awards for her Achievements

Yael Cohen has been awards the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Award in addition to receiving many honorable titles.

In 2011, Yael was named one of the “12 people who are transforming philanthropy” by Canada’s The Globe and Mail. In 2012, Yael was named one of Fast Company’s “100 Most Creative People in Business,” featured as one of ELLE’s “2012 Genius Award” recipients, one of “Canada’s Most Powerful Women” by the Financial Post, and one of Vancouver’s “Forty Under 40” by Business In Vancouver Magazine.

Scooter Braun is certainly a luck guy to have such a successful woman on his arm … and he’s not too shabby either.