Ricky Van Veen, Allison Williams’ Fiance: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Ricky Van Veen, Allison Williams boyfriend fiance


Going against character, Allison Williams, the perennially single Marnie Michaels in HBO’s Girls, is engaged to her boyfriend of three years, Ricky Van Veen, reports People Magazine.

Here’s what you need to know about him:

1. NBC’s Brian Williams ‘Likes Him A Lot’

The couple met through mutual friends. Williams, the daughter of NBC news anchor Brian Williams, gushed to Glamour magazine in February 2014, saying she would be willing to leave her acting career and start a family. In an interview with Larry King in January 2014 (above), she told the legendary news man that her and Van Veen were getting used to her fame and were “very good at taking cell phone pictures” with fans. When asked if her unwitting rap star father liked Van Veen, Williams told King, “He likes him a lot.”

2. He Co-Invented College Humor

Ricky Van Veen Girlfriend Fiancee


He co-founded the humor site, College Humor, an early innovator in online original comedy. The idea for the website came to Van Veen and his co-founder, Josh Abramson, in 1999 when they were college freshmen, according to a New York Times profile. While riding the crest of the dot com boom, the site was pulling in 600,000 site visits and $8,000 in ad revenue. When turning down their first buyout offer, Van Veen described it as “one of those Jerry Maguire moments.” Also involved in the creation of the site were other college friends, Jakob Lodwick and Zach Klein.

3. Van Veen Also Produces a Show on The Food Network

Ricky Van Veen Vimeo Girls Girlfriend


In 2010, he was selected as No.35 on Vanity Fair’s 100 list. The lists his other project as being “Notional,” a production company that makes television content for the Food Network, their most notable contribution to the network was the show, Chopped. In addition to his Food Network work, he’s also a co-founder of the Internet video giant Vimeo.

4. Van Veen is From Maryland

Allison Williams boyfriend husband fiance photos pictures


He’s a native of Lutherville-Timonium, Maryland, according to an online profile but is a current resident of New York City. His College Humor co-founders, Josh Abramson and Jakob Lodwick also grew up in Timonium.

Van Veen is an alumnus of Dulaney High School in Baltimore County, Maryland, reports The Baltimore Sun.

He’s a graduate of Wake Forest University in North Carolina.

5. In March 2013, He Starred in an Episode of Girls

Ricky Van Veen College Humor

ake Hurwitz, Ricky Van Veen and Amir Blumenfeld attend CollegeHumor Offline Annual Production at Gramercy Theatre on August 8, 2013 in New York City. (Getty)

He mocked web start ups like College Humor in his appearance on Girls. Maggie Lambert of Grantland wrote about it:

One of the guys shown rolling his eyes during her song was Ricky Van Veen…who we predicted last week might show up in this fictional start-up milieu as an inside joke about how start-ups are a goof.

The character that Van Veen played involved looking angrily at his fiancee while she sang Kanye West’s Stronger.

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