Chris Hemsworth, Oscars Presenter: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Actor Chris Hemsworth has come a long way from working on his parents’ farm in Australia. He’s taken Hollywood by storm in multiple action blockbusters, and still manages to melt hearts as a doting dad. Here’s all you need to know about the 29-year-old who we will see at Sunday’s Oscars.

1. He’s Already Played Thor 4 Times

He first played Thor in the 2011 film, then reprised the role in Thor:The Dark World .

In 2012, he played the comic book-superhero in The Avengers and will star in it’s 2015 sequel, Avengers: Age of Ultron.

For his superhero role, he gained twenty pounds of muscle.
He told The Guardian,

Ah, it’s nuts. That’s what I mean, even unconsciously you have to find a way to love it. Also, whether it’s Tom Hiddleston or the guys in The Avengers, we all talk about what an opportunity it is to be part of something that people love across the board, people of all ages have such affection for it. It feels like what Star Wars was when I was growing up, how everyone talked about it, the influence on pop culture, and it’s kind of crazy to be a part of that.

2. He’s Expecting Twins with Elsa Pataky

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Elsa Pataky an Hemsworth (Getty)

He met the Spanish actress through the management company that represents them both.

The actor married the Fast and the Furious 6 actress in 2010. They already have a daughter, India Rose, who’s 21 months.

Pataky told Women’s Health magazine that the two try to never be apart for more than two weeks.
She explained:

The family is our priority. We both make an effort and give up things. [When you have a baby] you really have to change the way you view life. It’s not just about you, but it’s amazing.

It seems that the couple has a family-oriented outlook on their life together.
Hemsworth gushed to Parade about what it’s like to be a first-time dad:

I love it. It’s the greatest thing I’ve ever been a part of. When I am at work, she’s what I’m thinking about, and when I’m not at work, she’s who I’m hanging out with!

3. His Younger Brother Was Engaged to Miley

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Liam and Chris Hemsworth (Getty)

When Chris’ younger brother Liam got engaged to the twerktress, Chris told E News,
“We just want them to live a happy life.”
Pataky added, “We don’t want to get too much into their personal life; we just want them to be happy.”

On Ellen, he discussed his brothers run ins with paparazzi, saying,
“We kind of live a pretty simple boring kind of life. We’re not rolling out of clubs at 4 in the morning. Not to say that Liam is by the way … I mean he has once or twice.”

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Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus (Getty)

4. He Was on the Same Australian Soap Opera as Heath Ledger & Naomi Watts

Hemsworth won an Australian Emmy for his work on Home and Away.
According to Esquire, his soap character, “suffered from a drug addiction and managed to live through a car crash, a helicopter crash, and a fire.”

He quit that job in 2007, moved to LA, and was almost immediately cast as Kirk’s father, George, in Star Trek.

5. He Was on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ in Australia

Word surfaced on his appearance on the reality show after Jay Leno showed a clip of Hemsworth dancing to “Shake Senora.”

When the crowd cheered, Hemsworth said, “Nah. Nothing to cheer about. Not that dancing.”

The season premiered in 2006, and after seven weeks, Hemsworth was eliminated. His partner was professional dancer Abbey Ross.
Here’s what happened when his Thor costar, Natalie Portman, found out: