Where to Find the Best Betting Odds for the Oscars

Academy Awards odds


The 2014 Oscars take place on Sunday, March 2, in Los Angeles. There are a range of betting sites that carry odds for the event, including Paddy Power, Bovada and Ladbrokes. Here’s where to get the bests odds on your picks:


12 Years a Slave

Best Odds: 1/3 at BWIN. $1 bet equals $1.33 return.

Average Odds: The Steve McQueen movie trades at 1/5 at most places, making the bet not much fun.

Oscars 2014 Odds: Where to Bet on the Academy Awards


Best Odds: 4/1 at Bet Victor. $1 bet equals $5 return.

Average Odds: 4/1 is the average price as well; some places are trading it at 3/1.

American Hustle

Best Odds: 18/1 at Bet 365. $1 bet equals $19 return.

Average Odds: 14 or 16/1 is the price being offered by most places. Over at BWIN it’s as low as 10/1.

The Dallas Buyers Club

Best Odds: 40/1 at Ladbrokes. $1 bet equals $41.

Average Odds: The 40/1 is a really good price as most places price it at around 20 or 25/1. 888 Sports has priced it at 10/1 — clearly believing an upset is possible.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Best Odds: 123/1 at Bet Fair. $1 bet equals $124 dollar return.

Average Odds: Most places have the Scorsese movie at around 50/1.

The rank outsiders in Best Picture — Her, Captain Phillips, Nebraska and Philomena — all have odds of around 200/1, though it varies place to place.


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