Jay Leno’s Last Night on the ‘Tonight Show’: Top 10 Highlights & Recap

6. Garth Brooks Performed One of Jay Leno’s Favorite Songs/h2>

Country singer Garth Brooks was the musical act on Leno’s last night and he performed his hit song “The Dance.” Later on to end the show, Brooks played his classic hit “Friends In Low Places.”

Before performing, Garth Brooks gives a short, heart-warming speech to his dear friend Jay Leno and tells him he loves him. Many times during his performance he looked over in Jay’s direction smiling. It was very sweet.

7. Several Stars Tweeted Their Farewell to Leno

Jay Leno has interviewed hundreds of celebrities over the years and many of them wanted to show him some love and say goodbye to their beloved host. Have a look at some of the tweets …

8. Los Angeles Will Now Celebrate “Jay Leno Day”

It’s officially Jay Leno Day in Los Angeles. Such a nice honor.

9. Leno Will Continue To Be In The Spotlight After Tonight

Though Leno will be giving up his reign as a late-night host, he will continue his career in comedy. Fox News reports:

Leno, 63, said he plans to continue playing comedy clubs, indulging his passion for cars and doing such TV work as comes his way — other than hosting on late-night.

10. Johnny Carson Ended The Night

As many know, Leno inherited his gig on The Tonight Show from the legendary Johnny Carson, who held down the job for over 30 years. For his last words of the night and for his career as host, Leno chose to quote the man who started it all:

And, in conclusion, I want to quote Johnny Carson: “I bid you all a heartfelt good night.”

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