Jimmy Kimmel’s Rainbow Loom Suit Raises Money for Children’s Cancer

Jimmy Kimmel has been asking kids to send him rainbow loom creations just for fun. But last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host decided to use his show’s platform to raise money for children with cancer.

Back in late January, he said he recognized the loom craze from his young relatives.
He asked parents to have their children mail them their bracelets, necklaces, anything they created.
He promised they would all be weaved together to make “the greatest suit ever worn.”

On last night’s program, he proudly donned the colorful loom suit. He also read aloud children’s letters that were sent in. One came as a video entry and asked Kimmel for his help.

The video shown was from the MaxLove Project, a non-profit inspired by 7-year-old Max Wilford, who is battling brain cancer. His classmates at Arroyo Elementary School in California are determined to make the longest loom chain ever created to raise money for the illness.
See the video below, where his young friends ask Kimmel to meet him.

Max came on the program along with his principal, Mrs. Villegas, and explained his chain will be 100-miles long.
Kimmel revealed that he will be putting the suit on ebay, and 100 percent of the proceeds will go to the MaxLove Project.

Kimmel teared up as the segment ended, as he asked people to donate to maxproject.org.

His fans responded on Twitter with warm messages.

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