Justin Bieber’s Wax Figure Removed in NYC for Excessive Groping

Beliebers have caused some trouble at Madame Tussauds’ in New York City.
So much so, the iconic museum has dethroned it’s popular Justin Bieber wax statue.

Justin wax figure, Madame Tussands bieber


The museum is citing excessive groping as the reason they took down the figure, which was unveiled on March 15, 2011.

Justin bieber groping, bieber wax statue


The 19-year-old icon’s replica stood with no ropes to enclose it, so obsessive fans had free reign.
According to NME, a source said,

With no ropes or barriers to stop them, thousands of fans have had their photographs taken with him since then – but it has taken its toll.

The New York Post talked to Madame Tussauds’ general manager, Bret Pidgeon, about the museum’s future with the Biebs.

This is disappointing, but hopefully we can welcome a new ‘grown-up’ Justin back to the attraction in the near future.