Majesty Rose From ‘American Idol’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Majesty Rose is a bright and flowery spirit that has made it into the Top 13 finalists of American Idol. Read on for the facts on Majesty Rose.

1. She Was Voted “Most Likely To Be On American Idol” in High School

Majesty Rose was voted “Most Likely To Be On American Idol” while attending Eastern Wayne High School in North Carolina. Well, it looks like her fellow classmates were right.

Check out her successful audition for American Idol in the below clip.

2. Majesty Rose Is a Charitable Person

Apparently, Majesty Rose is a preschool teacher who is involved in many charities back home. And, according to her Facebook, she seems to be very religious.

3. Rochelle York Is Her Real Name

Majesty Rose’s real name is actually Rochelle York. However, when you Google “Rochelle York,” you actually will find a woman who’s a fashion stylist, so Majesty Rose is the way to go. Generally, stars and people create a stage name that’s more interesting than their legal name. However, we think Rochelle York is equally as nice as Majesty Rose.

4. Her Style Is Very Unique

One thing that is definitely memorable about Majesty Rose is her unique style. Have a look at the above video to see what we mean.

And, to learn even more about Majesty Rose, you can check out the below 60-second clip run-down on her below.

5. Majesty Rose Has Already Developed Good Friendships With Her Fellow Contestants

While a competition can really get to some people, Majesty Rose is taking advantage at the opportunity to meet new friends. Check out some of the tweets and pics of Majesty Rose hanging out with her fellow contestants.