Emkay Nobilette (M.K.), American Idol Contestant: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

America has fallen in love with American Idol contestant Emkay Nobilette, also known as MK or Emkay Brazil. Read on for the facts on Nobilette and why the nation is rooting for her to win.

1. Emkay Is The First American Idol Contestant to Discuss Her Sexuality On The Show

Of course there have been gay contestants on American Idol, but Emkay is the first to come out and speak about her sexuality. After one of her performances, Emkay stood her ground and gave this bold statement to the judges:

I’m very obviously gay, and there are always going to be people in America and everywhere else who are definitely going to hate me. But I think in the last two years there have been a lot of things that really changed that and really made that a positive thing.

This impressed, not only the judges, but people all across America. Judge Jennifer Lopez responded to Emkay saying:

The world is changing, I think. We think – strongly – that you could be an ‘American Idol.’

2. M.K. Is Taken

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Sorry, ladies, but it seems that our beloved Emkay is taken. Miss M.K. calls herself a Mrs. and her profile picture is a cute photo of herself with her girlfriend Casey Ellis. Though the two of them refer to each other as wives, we haven’t found any evidence that they two have legally tied the knot.

3. Nobilette Grew Up In San Francisco

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In the above video, Emkay meets with Randy Jackson and Adam Lambert on American Idol. She talks a little bit about her upbringing in San Francisco and what she’s looking to do in this competition. You can also view her performance of John Legend’s “All Of Me” in the video clip. What’s really touching is watching her mother cry with pride from the audience.

4. Her Aunt Pushed Her To Audition For The Show

Road to Hollywood: MK Nobilette – AMERICAN IDOL SEASON XIIIEncouraged by her aunt to audition, MK Nobilette is excited to be a part of American Idol XIII. Find out what makes MK stand out from the rest of the contestants. Subscribe now for more American Idol clips: http://idol.ly/YT_Subscribe See more of American Idol on our official site: http://idol.ly/Idol Like American Idol on Facebook: http://idol.ly/FB…2014-01-17T06:00:20.000Z

We all have family members that encourage us to follow our dreams. In Emkay’s case, it was her aunt who gave her the big push. Check out the above video of Nobilette talking about her “road to Hollywood” for American Idol.

5. Harry Connick Jr. Was Deeply Affected By Emkay’s Story

Harry Connick, Jr. on 'American Idol'There's been a lot of news from "Idol" — they cast their first openly gay contestant on the show, and passed on one of Ellen's favorites! Harry and Ellen discussed it all.2014-02-18T17:28:55.000Z

Around the 2:45 minute mark, Harry Connick Jr. discusses his reaction to Emkay’s coming out with Ellen DeGeneres. He says he “lost it” when Emkay talked about her personal stories to the judges, which is a scene that didn’t make it on television.