Nicholas Elmi, Top Chef Winner: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Nicholas Elmi, aka the new Top Chef, is an exceptionally gifted chef. Read on for the facts surrounding Elmi’s win on tonight’s finale, how he got started in cooking, and what he’s up to besides competing on Top Chef.

1. Nicholas Elmi Has Won The Season 11 Top Chef Finale

With a wife and two toddlers to support, Elmi would love to spend his Top Chef winnings on his own business. Jason, Brian, and Louis were his choices to help him in his win on Top Chef tonight. Both Elmi’s mother and wife showed up to support him at the finale.

In recent years, Elmi’s father developed Parkinson’s disease.

2. His Culinary Career Started By “Slinging” Pizzas

Elmi came from humble beginnings and as a young boy, he helped feed his family. His first gig in the field of food was simply slinging pizza pies at Joseph’s Trattoria in Bradford, Massachusetts.

3. He’s The Owner of Laurel Restaurant

Nicholas Elmi opened Laurel Restaurant in Philadelphia this past Fall. Prior to opening Laurel, Elmi worked at the Rittenhouse Tavern. Laurel’s company Facebook page describes the restaurant as this:

Laurel is a modern French and American influenced BYOB restaurant located in South Philadelphia on East Passyunk Avenue. Laurel BYOB offers an intimate dining experience in a comfortable 24-seat dining room where Owner Chef Nicholas Elmi prepares refined, seasonal and local fare with a focus on sustainability and simplicity.

4. French Cuisine Is His Specialty

French cooking is Elmi’s focus. His Bravo TV bio writes:

Chef Nicholas Elmi has worked at some of the top rated French restaurants on the east coast, including Guy Savoy (Paris), Le Bec Fin, Union Pacific, Oceana and Lutece. Nicholas has built a solid French repertoire that is constantly undated with influences from his travels as well as his upbringing in New England.

5. Elmi Has Been Inspired By His Parisian Experiences at Guy Savoy

Education and his experiences in Paris at Guy Savoy have driven him in the direction his career has taken. Guy Savoy is a world-renowned French chef and owner of his famous self-titled restaurant that has a sister location in Las Vegas. describes Elmi’s time in Paris as:

a formative experience that changed his view of ingredients, purveyors, and creative process in the kitchen.

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