Dad Threatened to Blow Up One Direction Concert

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Uh oh. Apparently, the dad of a couple One Direction fans has been sentenced to 8 months in federal prison over a fake bomb threat. William Klein, 47, had threatened to blow up their concert at Hersheypark Stadium this past summer just one day before the show.

U.S. Attorney Peter Smith said Hershey Entertainment and Resorts, which runs Hersheypark Stadium, received a call July 5 during which a male caller says, ‘If One Direction plays tomorrow, the stadium will blow up.’

The International Business Times gave further details on the threat:

The call was made from a New Jersey number. Further investigation determined that the number is assigned to a pay phone outside of a 7-Eleven convenience store located in Northfield, New Jersey. Through video surveillance the caller was positively identified as William H. Klein.

The stadium was put on lock-down and there was a bomb sweep, but the show went off without a hitch.

The Daily Mail reports that the Associated Press stated:

In court documents William Klein, 47, said he made the threat after failing to get tickets to the show for his two teenage daughters.

Because the concert sold out, Klein wasn’t able to attain tickets and one of his daughters threatened to never speak to him again, so he took matters into his own hands. His lawyer said Klein fell victim to “uncontrolled teenage rage.”

Klein was sentenced to eight months after pleading guilty to interstate communication with threat to injure.

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