The Walking Dead Mid-Season 4 Premier Recap: Top 10 Highlights You Need to Know (SPOILER ALERT)

The Walking Dead Season 4

For everything that went down on the mid-season 4 premier episode of The Walking Dead, check out our list of the most standout moments and revelations below!

1. Michonne “Recruited” Two New Zombies

The opening scenes revealed the prison being overtaken by zombies. The tank was covered with the undead, the horses were eaten alive and all of the crops burned to nothingness. Michonne made her way through the carnage and found herself opposite two raging zombies. She cut off their arms and jaws, then proceeded to replace the two zombies she traveled with before. Hershel’s head was also spotted as it transformed into a zombie. Thankfully, Michonne put it out of its misery…

2. Rick and Carl Are on Their Own

Rick and Carl went on their own as they covered the roads that lay beyond the prison. Carl seemed to develop an attitude towards his father, since he could be seen ignoring Rick and not heeding to any of his commands. They entered a bar and got rid of the walker inside and afterwards they came upon a large home. Carl and Rick got into another verbal altercation when Carl cussed loudly in order to prove that there were no zombies listening and lying in wait. Once nightfall hit, Carl and Rick argued over blocking the door with a couch and eating something before heading to bed. Carl shot back at Rick with a discouraging comment that brought up a name Rick could never forget – Shane.

3. Michonne’s Nightmare Revealed Her Past Friends and Family

One scene showed Michonne and two other men as they conversed inside a beautiful kitchen. Both men had a conversation about their current predicament as Michonne used her blade to cut up some grub for the both of them. A baby entered the scene, which may have been Michonne’s. This heartwarming scene turned ugly in an instant when both men were suddenly dead and limbless. Michonne’s happy demeanor quickly disappeared as she screamed in horror. Michonne soon woke up from this horrible nightmare.

4. Carl’s Resourcefulness Almost Cost Him His Life

Carl woke up to find his father lying on a couch. Rick seemed unresponsive, which caused Carl to yell for him to wake up. His yelling caught the attention of two zombies outside the door, which was blocked by the couch Rick and Carl placed there in order to keep any zombies from getting in. Carl headed outside to lure the zombies away, but he was soon facing off with more than two of them. He downed all of them with his handgun bullets and got away in one piece.

5. Carl Saved His Father’s Life, But He Let Him Know How He Truly Felt

Carl returned to the house that him and Rick took refuge in. Rick still lied on the couch in a nearly deceased state. Carl finally let all of his emotions about everything that has transpired thus far be known. He yelled at Rick about all the people that he couldn’t protect. Carol also screamed at Rick for hiding behind the new role of a farmer, which Carl felt wasn’t enough to keep everyone safe. Carl left Rick to die as he went on his own.

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