WATCH: Kanye West’s ‘A Look Back’ Facebook Movie

Kanye West's Facebook Movie – A Look Back at His Past 10 YearsA look back at Kanye West's Facebook account, from his first moments to his most liked posts to the best photos he's shared. Subscribe to Mandatory – Like the rest of the world, Kanye West was thrilled to see "A look back" at his Facebook account yesterday, and decided to share it with Mandatory exclusively. For more original content, funny stuff and hot girl photos, check out http://www.mandatory.com2014-02-06T17:57:30.000Z

Anyone posted up their personal Facebook movie yet? On the day of Facebook’s 10-year anniversary celebration, most users got the option to watch and share their last 10 years as a Facebook member in video form. You know who’s had a pretty tumultuous and controversial life over the last 10 years? The man everyone loves to hate, Kanye West aka “Kanye Kardashian.”

All of his crazier moments (assaulting members of the paparazzi, looking unenthusiastic for an appearance on 106 & Park, telling the world how George W. Bush feels about Black people etc) are all covered in this hilarious vid.

You can check out the video above for the best (or worst) moments of Kanye West’s life since joining Facebook.

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