Willie & Korie Robertson of ‘Duck Dynasty’ on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

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Duck Dynasty’s Willie and Korie Robertson visited Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight and discussed their long-term relationship, and of course, their invitation to the State of the Union earlier this year.

When Kimmel asked Willie how they got to the event, he explained that Congressman Vance McAllister invited him, as they were friends before he was elected.

“It was very strange,” Willie said, referring to the many people who clamored to have photos taken with the reality TV couple. Lots of the questions they got involved Uncle Si, a fan favorite on their show.

“Believe it or not, I happened to run into the President,” said Willie. Obama saw the reality star in the hallway and exclaimed, “Willie! What’s up?” He stopped and conversed with the bearded star, and even joked about his casual outfit, which included his signature American-flag bandana.

When Kimmel asked Korie if she ever imagined that her husband would bring her to the White House one day, Korie replied,

He had big dreams. He was going to be like a professional bowler at one point. And then he got into Scrabble for a while. He was going to go into the Scrabble circuit. He’d study that dictionary faithfully. Whatever it is, it’s all in.

She went on to explain that the pair met in the 3rd grade. When Korie first visited the Robertson house and met Phil, she was in 5th grade. It was on the day that Phil mentioned his sons, Willie, Jase, and Jep, and said,

They’ll make good husbands some day. They’re good hunters and fishermen. They’ll be good providers.

Kimmel and Korie agreed that Phil had a vision and it came true as the happily-married couple has been together for 22 years.

After their appearance, the couple took to Twitter to express their thanks.

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