Juan Pablo Offends Clare Crawley on ‘The Bachelor’ Finale 2014

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Once again, Juan Pablo Galavis’ words have rubbed someone the wrong way. On tonight’s finale episode of The Bachelor, Juan Pablo started off his last date with contestant Clare Crawley with some offensive words. Apparently, when JP and Crawley were alone in their helicopter on the beginning of their date, he said something to Crawley like he didn’t know her and then basically said he likes hooking up with her. Crawley was deeply offended and didn’t want to be treated as a sexual object.

Apparently fans were on Crawley’s side with this one. As Crawley confronts JP on his blunt words, he appears to dig himself into a hole of what he calls “honesty.” To be fair, Juan Pablo was being honest, but maybe he was being a little too honest, which seems to be a habit of his …

The main point that Crawley is getting at is that she wants to know if JP has any doubts because if he does, she wants out immediately. Juan Pablo seems to be able to smooth things over even though some of his words are a little off …

To find out more about Crawley’s fate on the rest of the finale and all about how she finally let Juan Pablo have it, click this link: