Benzino’s Nephew Gai Scott: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Gai Scott, 36, is the nephew of rapper Benzino. He’s accused of shooting his famous uncle three times in Duxbury, Massachusetts, on March 29, reports WCVB. Benzino, real name Raymond Scott, is in stable condition in hospital.

Here’s what you need to know about his nephew:

1. Scott is Charged With ‘Assault With Intent to Murder’

He’s charged with assault with intent to murder, reports WCVB. Scott will be arraigned on Monday March 31. His lawyer told The Boston Globe, “When the dust settles, this case will be shown to be self-defense.”

2. Scott is a Massachusetts Native

He’s from Randolph, Massachusetts, although one report lists him as being from Mansfield. Benzino is a Boston native.

3. Benzino & Scott Had ‘Family Tension’

It’s reported there had been family tension between Benzino and his nephew. Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz said in a statement:

There has been growing family tension between Raymond Scott and Gai Scott. At some point when the cars were side by side, Gai Scott fired several shots into the red Dodge SUV being driven by Raymond Scott. reports that the families feud was related to money and the care of Benzino’s mother just prior to her death. The rapper had originally said he wouldn’t attend to the church funeral, choosing instead to mourn privately with her at the funeral home.

My Fox Boston reports that Scott was driving a Bentley.

4. Benzino’s Mother’s Hearse Was Stained With Blood

Gai Scott Benzino Nephew shooting

Rapper Benzino was shot three time at his mother’s funeral procession. (Twitter)

According to The Boston Globe, when Mary Scott’s (Benzino’s mother) hearse arrived at St. Peter’s Church in Plymouth, Massachusetts, it was stained with blood. In Mary Scott’s obituary, she’s referred to as the “Cherished Nana of Gai Scott.”

5. Scott Could Spend 10 Years in Prison

If found guilty of the charges, Scott could face up to ten years in prison.

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