Caleb Johnson from ‘American Idol’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Caleb Johnson is the rough rider in the American Idol crew this season and he’s destined for stardom. Check out all the reasons why.

1. This Is Caleb’s Third Time on American Idol

Caleb Johnson is one of the fan favorites on American Idol, but this isn’t his first season on the show. Caleb actually auditioned for the show during season 10 and almost made it to the Top 24 in season 11. Now in season 13, it seems like the third time’s a charm.

2. His Musical Influence Is Chris Cornell

Johnson told American Idol that his biggest influence is that of Chris Cornell. He believes that he brings a darkness to the show and definitely knows how to rock. Check out this awesome performance of Johnson’s in the above show clip.

3. Johnson Gave the Idol Audience an Epic Moment This season

This season on American Idol, when Ryan Seacrest announced Johnson on stage, Johnson gave Ryan a huge bear hug, lifting him off the floor and the audience going crazy. You can watch it happen in the above video clip, starting at the 4:25 mark.

Even the judges thought it was awesome. Harry Connick Jr. exclaimed:

That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen on TV.

4. He Just Joined Instagram and Is Learning Twitter

Caleb just joined Instagram and is getting taught its ins and outs by his fellow cast-mates. He’s already got almost 7,000 followers and only has two photos up so far. Caleb also just joined Twitter so that he could keep up with his American Idol fans and is still learning about tweeting as well. His first tweet was February 16, 2014.

5. Jennifer Lopez Thinks Johnson Is a Rock Star

After a stellar performance from Johnson on the Idol state, judge Jennifer Lopez was blown away. She told Johnson:

You are so ready for the rock star life. You have the goods to back it up.

So, do you think Johnson’s ready to be a rock star?