Christine McVie Returns to Fleetwood Mac: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

After many years apart, Christine McVie is returning to band Fleetwood Mac. Read on for the facts on McVie, the band’s split, and how the band-mates feel about McVie’s comeback.

1. It’s Been 16 Years Since McVie Has Been a Part of Fleetwood Mac

The band was always famous for its internal drama. In fact, McVie says the drama still exists today, but it’s kind of fun. People reports:

The British-American band was also notorious for its hookups – and breakups – which they wrote about in numerous songs. Nicks and Buckingham famously broke up, Fleetwood had an affair with Nicks, and the McVies divorced. Considering their history, do they foresee any more inter-band romances down the road?

Nonetheless, drama and hookups weren’t the reasons that McVie parted ways with the band. She explains:

I think that I was probably just burned out when I left and I was frightened to fly.

Through therapy over the years, McVie finally overcame her fear of flying and wanted to start playing again.

2. The Band Is Thrilled to Have her Back

Mick Fleetwood, the drummer and co-founder of the band, told People that he’s ecstatic to have McVie back in the group.

We’re thrilled. She’s just the dearest of friends and we’ve remained that way always. We’ve always missed Chris. To have a key, key member return to the fold is huge. It’s really not happened, to my knowledge in any shape or form, on this level.

3. McVie’s Songs With the Band Were Some of Their Greatest Hits

When McVie was a part of Fleetwood Mac, “Little Lies” and “Say You Love Me” were some of their biggest hit songs. Have a listen to “Little Lies” in the above video.

4. Returning to the Band Has Been a Dream of McVie’s

For years, Christine McVie has wanted to return to Fleetwood Mac and finally the day has come. She opened up to People stating:

I honestly could never in my wildest dreams have thought I could return to the band. It’s just a dream come true. I go to bed going, ‘This is so great. This is what I’ve been yearning for all these years and I didn’t know it.’ We’re family. We’re very lucky.

5. McVie Will Be Joining the Band’s Upcoming Tour

In Fall 2014, Fleetwood Mac will embark on their tour On With The Show and McVie will be joining them for the first time in years. McVie cannot wait to begin touring again, saying:

It is a celebration and it is a really joyful time for the band. God must have been smiling on me because I feel like a different person. This has done nothing but wonders for me and I love my band so, so much.

In addition, the band may release a new album titled “Down The Road.”

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