Austin Russell, ‘Chumlee’ Is Not Dead: Here’s Your Proof

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Yesterday, the internet blew up with rumors that Chumlee from the show Pawn Stars had died. This is, yet again, just another celebrity death hoax and we’ve got your proof below.

First, is a post from Chumlee on Twitter last night.

Secondly, Pawn Stars honcho Rick Harrison put up a couple Twitter posts confirming that Chumlee is alive. Read Harrison’s tweets below:

After a website called EBuzzd reported that Chumlee died of an apparent heart attack, fans went crazy trying to find out what happened to their beloved Chum. Some people haven’t gotten the memo that Chumlee’s alive yet and continue to post that he’s dead. Hopefully they see this post and realize that the Chumster is alive and kickin’.


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no matter what. if i ever take my grandson to vegas i want to meet chum lee. He is a look-alike. and have a picture taken of them two..


He may not be dead from the neck down , but he certainly is dead from the neck up ! The way I see it is that he must be a child of the producer or one of the big wigs, it’s GOT to be something other than his intelligence or his bright and insightful comments . He’s a dork who is there for I don’t know what and he and big hoss but need to grow up immensely.

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