Clare Crawley Gets Rejected on ‘The Bachelor’

After a bumpy road this season on The Bachelor, Clare Crawley was not picked to be Juan Pablo’s true love. Nikki Ferrell was chosen, which had to have come as a blow to Crawley because the two girls have fought and been at odds throughout the season.

Crawley and Juan Pablo shared a mutual attraction this season, showing a lot of chemistry, but Crawley first ran into trouble after she persuaded JP to go on a night swim in the ocean with her. Though he seemed very interested in the late night rendezvous with Crawley at the time, the next day Juan Pablo told her that he felt that their behavior had been disrespectful to his daughter Camila. In turn, Crawley’s feelings were very hurt.

Nonetheless, Crawley and Juan Pablo worked it out and continued to grow in their relationship over the season … so we though. But, his attraction and feelings for Ferrell were apparently deeper.

On tonight’s episode, Crawley had a great meeting with JP’s daughter Camila and the rest of his family, where she talked about her desire to have a big family, at least three children. In a one-on-one meeting with JP’s mother, Crawley was told that JP can be very rude and hyperactive, but Crawley seemed to be happy to accept JP for who he is …

When Crawley and JP had the first moments of their last date together, things went awry when JP whispers to her that he doesn’t know her and says something sexual that Crawley refused to repeat. Crawley then tells the camera what he said was offensive and that if he only sees her as a sexual object, she’s done. Regardless of this, JP is able to smooth things over and Crawley accepts his words, though they don’t make complete sense … Sorry, Juan Pablo.

As far as the final rose, Crawley met with Juan Pablo first and poured out her little heart to him. JP did not do the same as he broke the news to her that she was not the one he had chosen to be with. When he goes to hug her, she immediately denies him and gets angry with him. She tells him he’s basically a jerk and she doesn’t want to hear anything his has to say. She then twists the knife deeper and says not only has she lost respect for him, but she would never want her kids to have a man like him as a father.

All of this happens with the TV studio audience watching and a huge applause for Crawley is heard in the background. Then, Juan Pablo makes a bad comment saying he was glad he didn’t pick Crawley and you hear the crowd make boos and sounds of disappointment at his words.

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