‘How I Met Your Mother’ — Penultimate Episode: Top 5 Highlights

The End of the Aisle, robin and barney wedding, how i met your mother series finale

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Although there are doubts along the way, Robin and Barney manage to say “I do” at the end of “The End of the Aisle” episode. As their friends stand witness, the pair vow to love one another, and always be honest in the face of adversity. Here are the most memorable moments of the episode before the series wraps on March 31.

1. Lily & Marshall Attempt to Help Barney With His Vows & Realize Theirs Need Help

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, lily and marshall

(CBS Broadcasting, Inc)

Barney is perfecting his vows and Marshall and Lily offer to help.

“If you’re having trouble, you’ve got two expert vow consultants standing right in front of you,” brags Lily.

“I’m not going to take marriage advice from a couple who just got into a gigantic fight,” Barney responded. “I guarantee you’ve broken every single one of them!”

Then Barney lists all the ways that his friends are not keeping any of the vows they made to each other at their 2007 wedding.

Marshall realizes that their vows need to be updated.

“Our wedding vows, maybe they were just too perfect for real life,” he said.

The couple hold hands in the chapel before anyone’s there and announce their very specific, new vows.

2. Ted Finds Robin’s Locket But Tells Barney to Say He Did

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, how i met your mother last episode

(CBS Broadcasting, Inc)

“I can’t go through with this,” Robin tells Ted. She goes on to explain that she is having her doubts because Barney never found her locket.

“I still think that it’s a bad sign I never found that locket,” she whines. “I want to be with a guy who comes through for me.”

Turns out that Ted had it. He hands it over to Barney and convinces him to tell Robin that he found it.

Robin realizes the truth and confronts Ted. “You always go big for me,” Robin says.

Then she reveals the words that almost change everything:

You’re the one who always comes through for me, Ted. The one who’s there for me. Maybe I’m making a mistake. Maybe I should be marrying you. Ted, I should be with you.

Although the future Ted admits he’d always wanted to hear those words, he realized it wasn’t as perfect as he once thought.

“I don’t want to hear that,” Ted replies. “You’re just saying this cause you’re scared,” he continues.

“You don’t love me. You love Barney,” Ted finishes.

3. Robin Literally Runs Into The Mother

how i met your mother wedding, end of the aisle

Robin tries to bail on the wedding and in her frenzy, bumps into Ted’s future wife.

“And that’s how Robin met your mother,” older Ted narrates to his children.

After the collision, Robin brushes herself off and says she’s fine, but the mother isn’t convinced.

“Are you sure?” she questions. “Cause you are sprinting from a church in a wedding dress.”

“To be honest, I’m wondering if this whole getting married thing is something I can go through with,” Robins answers.

The mother offers this piece of advice that always helps her when she’s overwhelmed:

Close my eyes and take three deep breaths. Sometimes even three deep breaths can change everything.

4. Barney Makes One Vow

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, josh radnor and cristin milioti

(CBS Broadcasting, Inc)

And that is to always be honest with his future wife. He tells Robin this before the wedding.

Using Marshall and Lily, his favorite couple, as an example, he says:

I know it’s bad luck to see the bride right before the ceremony, but I realized something, Marshall and Lily have broken most of their wedding vows, but they’re still the best couple I know. I think their biggest problem was that Marshall didn’t tell Lily the truth.

In conclusion, he tells Robin that the only vow he’ll make is to always be honest with her. He starts with confessing that he did not find the locket.

She is truly touched and all her anxiety washes away, and she plants a kiss on her fiance.

5. Robin & Barney Finally Get Married

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, who is the mother on how i met your mother

(CBS Broadcasting, Inc)

“In the end all we can do is promise to love each other with everything we got,” the future Ted narrates as the wedding goes on the background.

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