‘How I Met Your Mother’ Series Finale: Live Blog, Updates, & Highlights

The moment has come, the one we’ve been dreading, yet awaiting … It’s the series finale of How I Met Your Mother. Tune in here for our live blog, providing you with up-to-the-minute highlights, commentary, tweets, video clips, and everything you could possibly need for the big event.

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Here we go! Do you have your tissues ready?

A nice look at Robin’s arrival on the show:

Marshall asks Ted how he feels about moving to Chicago and he says he’s excited, though he seems sad as he looks at his future wife who’s playing the bass. 8:03pm

Barney strikes up a conversation with the bass player at his wedding and realizes he should hook her up with Ted, but Ted says he has to leave. 8:04pm

The group says their goodbyes outside and Ted gives everyone hugs, except Lily who gets an ET goodbye. 8:05pm

Barney is upset because he feels that with Teds departure he will have no one to high five. Then, he’s excited as Ted suggests a high five to end all high fives … The high five infinity. This has a painful result. 8:06pm

Ted finds himself talking about the wedding’s bass player to an old woman at the bus stop. She tells Ted to go back to the wedding because it could be fate, that the bass player could be his destiny. The old woman asks Ted if he saw a sign, would he go for it and he humors her. Then she points to a woman and asks him if she’s the bass player … She is. (Cut to commercial.) 8:07pm

24 Hours later, Marshall and Lily walk into the bar talking about how weird it is that Ted is gone. Just then, they spot Ted and he says that he’s decided not to do the whole moving to Chicago thing because he met a girl … the bass player from the wedding. At first Marshall and Lily are angry, but when they hear about the girl, they’re happy. 8:12pm

Without Marshall and Lily’s support, Ted picks up the phone and calls the bass player for a date. Then, Lily realizes that Ted has never been in love like this before. 8:16pm

It flashes back to the bus stop and Ted tells the old woman that he’s not going to go for it because he’s moving and even if he got married one day, he wouldn’t spend a lot of money on it. 8:14pm

2015: Ted is telling Barney and Robin that he’s spending a ton of money of his wedding. Then, the bass player runs in and says then need to postpone the wedding because she’s pregnant. 8:15pm

May 2016: The group is visiting Ted and the bass player at their place. Robin and Barney appear to be having a lot of troubles, especially over their jobs. Robin travels a lot and the two keep putting on a brave face. When Robin and Barney get into a deep discussion about it, they decide to get drunk and have sex … 8:18pm

Robin and Barney reveal that they’ve gotten a divorce and everyone is shocked. 8:19pm

This finale is going extremely quick with bombshells dropping every minute! 8:21pm

Ted is angry that Robin and Barney got divorced without telling anyone. Lily is in tears and is extremely upset that things will have to change. Robin and Barney reassure the gang that nothing has to change. 8:23pm

Lily is pregnant with baby number three! 8:23pm

October 2016: Lily is very pregnant as Marshall arrives home and talks about how crappy his job is, but the two realize they don’t have enough space in their apartment and decide to move. 8:25pm

At Lily and Marshall’s “Goodbye Apartment Halloween Party” where Lily’s dressed as a pregnant sperm, Robin shows up without a costume. 8:25pm

Robin sees Ted and looks over at him as she has a memorable flashback. Then, Ted’s future wife comes over and gives him a kiss. Robin seems upset at the sight of Ted with his wife and she leaves, entering Lily and Marshall’s empty apartment. Robin breaks down to Lily telling her that she doesn’t want to hang out with “the gang” anymore because she never sees Lily or Marshall, Barney is now her ex-husband, and Ted has found love with someone else. She says things will never be the same … It’s over. Lily is broken-hearted. 8:27pm

After a commercial break, Barney, Ted and Lily are sitting at the bar and Barney is ecstatic that the gang is back (minus Robin). Marshall comes to the table with news that he’s finally getting a job as a judge in Queens. Everyone celebrates by drinking … a lot. Ted talks about his screaming children at home while Barney insists that everyone stays all night. Barney then springs up to ditch the gang for a young, hot woman walking by. Lily stops him and asks if he’ll ever change. Barney says he is who he is and he’ll never change. Marshall and Lily accept it. 8:34pm

It’s 2019 and it’s revealed that Ted and the bass player still haven’t gotten married. 8:35pm

Ted says that when the time is right they’ll get around to it. Then Barney talks about the new playbook he’s written for dating. To make a long story short, Barney reveals that he’s gotten a woman pregnant! 8:38pm

Barney is in a panic about becoming a father. He insists he’s too old and that his life is over. 8:43pm

2020: Ted is with his daughter and runs into Robin on the street. Apparently Robin is a famous news woman. That’s all that came of their encounter as Ted relays the story to Marshall and Lily as they’re in the waiting room waiting for Barney’s baby to be born. It’s a girl named Ellie. 8:44pm

Barney holds his daughter for the first time after making jokes in the waiting room and he begins to cry saying, “You are the love of my life. Everything I have and everything I am is yours.” It’s truly a tear-jerking moment. 8:46pm

Ted and the mother (the bass player) are hanging out in their place and Ted asks for his ring back. He then re-proposes to her and asks that she marry him on Thursday. She says, “Yes,” after 7 years and two kids. 8:47pm

It’s Ted’s wedding day, the gang is at the bar, and Barney is dead tired from having a baby. He wants to call it a night at 9:45pm. Then two hot young girls walk by and he jumps up. Just when you think he’s the still the same guy, Barney scolds the two girls and tells them to go home to their parents. Lily responds to this by saying, “Now I’ve seen everything.” Marshall looks up and says, “Not everything,” as he spots Robin walking in. 8:49pm

Robin returns saying that they said they’d always be there for the big moments. Then Marshall announces he’s going to run for Supreme Court. 8:52pm

Ted tells Robin that she RSVP’d “no.” Robin then reveals that the mother told her to come. The mother then arrives in her wedding dress. 8:53pm

Ted and the mother tie the knot and he reveals that he knew he needed to love the mother for as long as he could in life. That was the lesson he carried with him when she got sick. 8:55pm

The scene returns to that rainy night at the bus stop when Ted mustered up the courage to talk to the bass player. 8:55pm

The mother is Tracy McConnell! As the two talk about Tracy’s umbrella, they realize they have the same initials and that’s how the mother’s name is revealed. 8:57pm

“And that, kids, is how I met your mother.” His kids don’t buy it though and think that Ted is in love with their “Aunt Robin.” Ted’s kids tell him that it’s been six years since their mother died and they want him to call up Robin for a date. 8:58pm

Ted shows up at Robin’s posh, dog-filled apartment with a blue french horn and she tears up through a smile. The end. 9:00pm

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