WATCH: Joan Rivers & Ray J Make a Sex Tape Spoofing Kim Kardashian

Are you ready to see Joan Rivers and Ray J in bed together? The two have teamed up to make a spoof sex tape to “overshadow” Ray J’s sex tape with Kim Kardashian from 2007. According to TMZ, the video was made to promote Joan’s show Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?, which premieres on March 29, 2014. TMZ also reports that even though the video is just a joke, Joan has received an offer to do porn because of it:

Vivid Entertainment honcho Steven Hirsch tells TMZ he did meet with Joan to discuss the possibility of making her his first GILF star. He tells us, “I’d pay her $100,000 right now!”

The Urban Daily talks about the digs that the gag sex tape takes at Ray J’s former flame Kim Kardashian, writing:

The set-up looks very similar to the hotel room where he and Kanye West’s fiancee famously got it on on tape. He quips that Rivers is “twice the woman” that Kim K was. She replies in turn that Kim was “32 at the time. I’m THREE times the woman.”

Yikes! Let’s home Kim K. doesn’t have to watch this video … But, with lines like, “Once you go Jew, you know how to screw,” how can you not watch it?