‘Last Forever’: Top 5 Predictions for How I Met Your Mother’s Finale

How I met your mother finale


After 9 long years of waiting, this Monday March 31 will be the two-part finale of How I Met Your Mother. After 9 seasons we’ll finally get to learn the circumstances by which Ted..well..meets the mother. We’ve been at the Farhampton Inn all season and it’s finally time for the wedding.

Here are the predictions for “Last Forever” the series finale:

1. The Gang Will Dance to a New Robin Sparkles Song

Fans have been calling for a re-visit to each of their favorite HIMYM gags, and there are few that the fans like more than Robin Sparkles, Robin’s Canadian pop star alter ego from when she was a teenager. Throughout the seasons they’ve introduced the songs that made Robin a teen sensation.

Predict at the wedding we’ll get to hear one more song that the bridge and groom will get to dance to and laugh about. Above you can watch the hilarious music video of “Sandcastles in the Sand.”

2. Every Character From the Entire Show Will Be There

When another legendary television sitcom came to an end after an impressive run, Seinfeld, the writers thought of a way to bring all of the fans favorite characters back for one last encounter with the gang. What better way to do that on HIMYM than with a wedding? I predict a lot of our favorite people from over the years will pop up as guests at the wedding. Start taking bets now on who will show up. I’m hoping for Regis Philbin.

3. Ted’s First Encounter With The Mother Will Be Awkward

Remember a few episodes ago when Ted and the mother went on their first date a few days after the wedding? If you don’t you can watch it above. It was pretty awkward. When they first go in for the hug at the beginning, they are both trying to gauge how closer they became after one night.

My guess is that meet in some comic fashion, like Ted saying, “I’m going to marry the next woman I see,” or something of the sort. Then, I imagine a whirlwind dance and a late night chat on the beach followed by one kiss.

4. We’ll Eventually See More of the Kids & Old Storytelling Ted

Maybe we’ll finally get to see the kids do something other than sit on that couch. That makes sense right? After we finally learn how the parents meet, we get to see the kids finally get up, the question will be, will Bob Saget make a surprising appearance or will we just have an old version of Ted? Above you can hear the kids get pissed off at their long-winded dad.

5. We Also See Marvin All Grown Up

I think that once we pan away from the kids on the couch, we’ll see the whole gang sitting around in the future. Older Barney and Robin with older Marshall, Lilly, and their now grown-up children. I wonder what everyone will look like by then.

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