Marissa Ribisi, Beck’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Marissa Ribisi is married to Beck Hansen, the man who made the song “Loser” a phenomenon in 1993. Tonight, he will be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. Meet the 39-year-old wife of the musician, who balances a successful career while raising two children.

1. Her Twin Brother is Giovanni Ribisi

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Marissa and Giovanni Ribisi (Getty)

According to aol TV, their mom is a talent manager for actors and writers and father was the keyboard player in the ’60s band People!

Giovanni has been in over 40 movies and currently plays Warner Whittemore on FOX’s new sitcom “Dads.”

His daughter Lucia was featured on her uncle Beck’s album The Information.

The twins also have a sister, Gina.

2. She Played Opposite Matthew McConaughey in ‘Dazed and Confused’

She is best known for her role as Cynthia, the redheaded nerd, in the iconic 1993 film.

McConaughey’s David Wooderson is smitten with her character in the cult classic.
The film is set on May 28, 1976, during the last day of high school in a suburb of Austin, Texas.

3. She’s a Scientologist and Was Delivered by Beck’s Mom

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Ribisi and Beck are both second-generation Scientologists. Aol reported that Beck’s mother, Bibbe Hansen delivered her future daughter-in-law.

In an interview with MTV, Beck talked about his and Ribisi’s spiritual life.
He said,

Scientology has helped me recently. And Marissa too. A lot of people think of it as a religion, and sometimes they have trouble getting their heads around something that doesn’t involve a deity. And I think if someone is making a judgment when they don’t really have firsthand experience, it’s intolerant, which to me is kind of insidious.

Ribisi has her own website, where she talks about her success with Scientology.

On the site, she describes how it changed her life.

Before Scientology my life seemed direction-less. I knew there were things I wanted to accomplish in life, but I didn’t know how to get there or where to start. I was worried. I worried a lot, even at a young age.

She also attributes her career to her faith courses, saying,
“By the time I finished that course I felt like a new person and three months later I got my first film with a major studio (Dazed and Confused).”

4. Her Kids Are Cosimo & Tuesday & Her Dad Wrote a Column About The Family’s Italian Names

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Marissa Ribisi, son Cosimo Henri Hansen and designer Sophia Coloma (Getty)

Cosimo is 9, and daughter Tuesday, 6. According to the Australian, Ribisi, Beck, and their children live on the Pacific coast, near Malibu.

Ribisi’s father, Al, wrote an article titled, “All My Kids Have Italian Names.”

In it, he talks about his children and grandchildren’s very ethnic first names.

He starts with his children, and explains Marissa’s truly Italian moniker, saying:

Marissa is the proud owner of a first name rarely heard outside of Sicily—“Santina.” And the only place outside of the Great Republic of Italia where you’ll hear the name Santina is when her brother addresses her in pet-name speak. All of this adds to the mess and the mouthful that is being a Ribisi.

He goes on to talk about his grandchildren and how they, too were given names from their mother’s heritage.

Then there’s Cosimo Henri. Cosimo, after the most famous Medici, the sponsor of Michelangelo! Wow! He’s smarter than me and he’s only five! Plus he was born on my birthday. It doesn’t get any better than this even with tomato sauce with some pecorino cheese sprinkled on top!

Better, that is, until we had Tuesday Valentina. What personality, what a smile! What a doll.

5. She Has a Clothing Line

In October 2007, Ribisi launched urban line Whitley Kros.
In the above video, she was interviewed with her design partner, Sofia Coloma during L.A.’s Fashion Week.

Her line is described as being, “designed for the urban girl that is artistic and musical.”

Their Facebook page boasts that Rachel McAdams once wore their guitar-inspired t-shirt.

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