WATCH: Mayor Rob Ford Visits ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford spent the weekend in L.A. to promote his city’s film industry. While he was there, he visited Jimmy Kimmel…twice.

According to the Toronto Sun, Jimmy Kimmel welcomed the mayor at the airport upon his arrival.

On Sunday’s “After the Oscars” special, Kimmel teased his Monday show, saying, “I’ve never been more excited for a guest than I am for this one.”

Mayor Ford came out and Kimmel explained that he was on the following night.

Ford said, “Oh, sorry Jimmy,” and promptly exited the stage.

Kimmel looked at the camera and said:

Let that be a lesson, kids. God does answer your prayers if you pray hard enough.

Rob Ford’s Twitter page boasted this teaser:

Kimmel read Twitter and Facebook messages to him where Torontonians complained about him appearing on the show. “I have to say people seemed very angry that I was having you on the show tonight,” Kimmel began.

Ford just shrugged off the negativity. “I guess they don’t talk about all the money I’ve saved. How we straightened up the city,” he lamented.

“I want people to come to Toronto. See how good Toronto is,” the mayor said.
He also wanted to express his gratefulness to the people of California for welcoming him to their city.
“When I walked on the streets of Hollywood Boulevard, people came up to me very gracious,” Ford said.

At one point, Kimmel said, “You are sweating a lot. Let me get you some tissues.”

After the commercial break, Kimmel took the mayor on a trip down memory lane.
“This is the moment when I think I became obsessed with you,” said Kimmel.

He proceeded to show the notorious clip of Ford hitting his head against a reporter’s camera.

What followed was a bunch of embarrassing videos that the mayor had participated in this last year.
The mayor watched each one patiently, smiling when Kimmel asked him to explain.

“As a human being, you seem like a very nice guy to me,” Kimmel said.

The host then suggested that the mayor talk to someone if he does have a problem with alcohol and drugs.

“I wasn’t elected to be perfect Jimmy,” he answered.

Kimmel persisted:

It’s nothing to be ashamed of. And I think it’s a good example for other people who might be in a similar situation.

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