EXCLUSIVE Interview: Michael Lohan on Lindsay’s Reality Show – ‘God Knows The Truth’

After the release of the trailer for Lindsay Lohan’s new reality show, Michael Lohan has opened up to talk. Apparently, to date, Michael helped his daughter Lindsay get herself settled in New York, negotiate her lease and helped her in a lot of other ways. He just hopes that the series shows this as he believes, that Oprah and her producers have truly put together a true “REALity” series.

The show’s first look video gives a dramatic version of Michael and Lindsay’s relationship. Apparently, the scene with Lindsay and Michael in the trailer is actually about a disagreement over Lindsay’s former assistant Gavin Doyle. Michael admits, that the part where Lindsay says he wasn’t there for her is specifically about when he was dealing with his DWI and the divorce with Lindsay’s mother Dina. He says that this is where Lindsay went downhill, during these 21 months that he was in jail and kept separated from Lindsay as well as his other children. He admits it was hard, if not impossible, to be in her life.

The scene shown in the trailer, Michael explained, is actually a conversation about some of the other negative influences in Lindsay’s life, primarily former assistant Gavin, who apparently is still impacting her life in a negative way. Michael reveals:

Just last night Gavin spit at Lindsay.

Regardless of this, what Michael Lohan is hoping most to see on Lindsay’s new series is more of the truth. In a powerful quote, Michael states:

What matters most isn’t what people perceive, God knows the truth, Lindsay knows the truth and I know the truth, and that’s all that matters.

In fact, Michael and Lindsay are said to have a very good relationship now, despite some of the other reports out there. Aside from opening up his new rehab facility in Florida (dreamrecoveryintl), he shuttles back and forth every week or so to spend time and stay more connected to all of his children. Right now, he’s looking for more space in Los Angeles, and has teamed up with who he describes as a wonderful woman with a giant heart. The location is “one of the nicest houses in Beverly Hills” and will be the next rehab project for Michael, who will be designing the program for it.

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